Premium Reusable Fly Trap

$19.90 $89.99

"This is by far the best fly trap I have ever used. It's very simple to use, no harmful chemicals. All I need is a bait and the trap does it's job. I placed this outside my house and the flies don't get inside our house anymore." - Hannah L., CA

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  • Effectively lures in flies with the use of bait then traps flies inside the mesh until they die
  • Traps & Kills up to 20,000 flies
  • Each trap covers 25 yards
  • Widely used in the park, market, canteens, restaurants, slaughterhouses, farms, ranch, green belt lands, toilets, garbage room, and other public places
  • Made of mesh with excellent anti-corrosion and sun-proof properties 
  • Reusable and durable
  • Suggested bait: Overripe fruit, stinky fish bait, cat food.


  • Dimensions: 8.07 x 8.07 inch
  • Fly bait not included

16 Reviews

Keith P.

Verified purchase

Super happy with our fly trap. Definitely proving to be a success. The bait combined with the trap just works so well! Very good support too!


Judith R.

Verified purchase

Life changing. Having this in our farm has greatly improved our fly problem. A few days of hanging this and the flies that used to bother us has decreased drastically. I am confident that with continued use our fly problem will be solved. 


Jacob T.

Verified purchase

I have mine sitting near the edge of an area that I clean animal cages because they congregate around feces and water. I have another hanging at the far end of my porch to draw flies away from the door and where I am. It works great!


Scott K.

Verified purchase

Got this for our backyard. We don't have a big fly problem but even a few flies are annoying. I love that it doesn't use any harmful chemicals, I just use a bait and the fly trap traps the flies that are lured in. Awesome invention. 


Helen W.

Verified purchase

Simple and easy to use fly trap/catcher. The stupid filthy flies enter the trap, are attracted to the bait inside, get stuck inside beacuse they are too dumb to find their way out, and they stay inside until they die of starvation. Just a few days and the flies it caught made me realize that our fly problem is actually worse than I thought. I'm just glad that this product exist. I have already ordered 4 more so I can hang one in the garden, near the porch, etc.


Kevin O.

Verified purchase

This reusable fly trap reduced the fly population here at work by about 80% or more. In two days over 100 flies in each of the (3) I purchased. This is also a money saver since it's reusable. Great item!


Shirley S.

Verified purchase

There are always a lot of flies around this time of year and while sitting on the porch they continually land on me, very irritating. So I decided to give this a try. After trying a few different spots I decided a place about 30 feet from the porch. It has never stopped doing its job. I'm impressed with this fly trap.

Linda S.

Verified purchase

Have to lure flies with a fly bait, so it traps flies like crazy. The best fly trap I've ever had.


John E.

Verified purchase

 After a little wait I got my fly traps and they work just great around the stables. My animals are fly free and I thank you for that. I also hang one a few feet from our back porch.


Charles E.

Verified purchase

These fly traps work better than any other product I have ever used in my barn. It caught a large number in a day! I had to empty it right away, clean it and hang it again. Super effective!


James L.

Verified purchase

We have a big ranch with a couple dozen horses but allos cows, goats and sheep. Flies are abundant. These fly traps are cheap, easy and effective. It's the only solution that is so effective for such a low price. For a small price our entire domain was fly free for the entire summer.


Margaret J.

Verified purchase

These things are awesome, I use a piece of meat and trap a bunch of flies as well as yellow jackets. I'm grateful, this has made our lives more comfortable with all the flies gone.


Thomas Y.

Verified purchase

Brilliant invention. Great quality, easy to assemble and use, most of all a very effective tool for catching flies. 


Mark F.

Verified purchase

Been looking for a product that just works and finally found it here! I bought some fly traps and they work well. Decent price too. Highly Recommended!


Patricia G.

Verified purchase

Thanks to this reusable fly trap, we can now eat and play comfortably in our backyard. We like to have barbeque parties but flies are annoying! This product is very affecting at attactying and and traps flies.


Karen C.

Verified purchase

Super device! Had mine for just a week and the flies that were bothering my precious horsies have almost dissapeared!