Premium Prism Spectacles

$39.90 $119.99

"These are really cool!! Had spine surgery, so couldn't bend my neck to look at my phone. What a great idea!!! Very well constructed and fits over prescription glasses!!!! Well worth the Bucks!!" - Daniel R., CA

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  • Allows you to read in bed or watch TV while lying flat on your back
  • The perfect solution for those with limited mobility
  • Are great for preventing neck cramps or eye strain
  • Turn your view to a downward 90 degree angle, eliminating the need for head movement
  • You can wear the prism glasses over your prescription glasses


  • Item weight: about 3oz (86g) 
  • Leg length: about 5.5" 
  • Frame height: about 1.6" 
  • Frame width: about 6.3" 
  • Bridge: about 0.5"
  • Nose Distance: 0.7" 
  • Distance between two centers of inside lens: about 2.6"/6.8cm 

13 Reviews

Betty D.

Verified purchase

I LOVE them. I read or use my Surface in bed, my neck would kill me trying to lean up to read. I put these prism glasses on and immediately SAW! I also spend time each day in an inversion chair, and it is difficult to read - the glasses work great in the inversion chair too. -- looks pretty odd, but grateful for them.


Jamie W.

Verified purchase


I cannot express my excitement! I’m actually typing this review while wearing them and I’m laying totally flat!! I cannot wait to watch tv tonight without cramping my neck!


Michelle K.

Verified purchase

After a neck injury, reading for any length of time puts painful stress on my neck as I tilt my head down to see the book. These glasses fit right over my glasses and work amazingly well! 


Will D.

Verified purchase

I'm a dental hygienist, my neck is always some sort of messed up. Now laying in bed and watching TV or being on on my phone/tablet while sitting upright keeps my c1-c3 in proper alight. It's awesome. They do leave little marks on the face but that not even a consideration for me as these things keep me out of pain.


Sally A.

Verified purchase

Worked exactly as described. The glasses I received exceeded my expectations. They were good quality and seemed durable. I tried them out for a bit to make sure but they will be given to a bedridden realative.


Dan G.

Verified purchase

I thought these glasses were a gag gift until I tried them. These glasses gave me a sharp, clear view of my TV while needing to lay flat on my back due to medical condition.


Linda A.

Verified purchase

Awesome! I have sever neck pain/problems and these allow me to use my phone or read while in bed without straining my neck. Your going to look funny but they work.


Lance S.

Verified purchase

I'm a lay-in-bed-at-night kind of reader and these have changed my life! Holy cow. And very sturdy for being so inexpensive too! Buy these, trust me.


James O.

Verified purchase

Got these for my mom who is bed ridden. She can now watch TV in bed without propping up her head. She loves them! 


Daniel R.

Verified purchase

These are really cool!! Had spine surgery, so couldn't bend my neck to look at my phone. what a great idea!!! Very well constructed and fits over prescription glasses!!!! well worth the Bucks!!!


Patrick N.

Verified purchase

Allows me to read and watch TV without getting a sore neck! I love it. I literally spend hours watching the History Channel now that I have these.


Randy T.

Verified purchase

My wife was tickled. Her neck had been bothering her from propping up to watch TV.


Duncan L.

Verified purchase

Surprisingly useful and comfortable for reading in bed. Totally fixes the crick-in-the-neck issue that used to ruin my night if I tried to read in bed before going to sleep. Aside from being a bit heavier than I expected, they work perfectly.