Digital Finger Pulse Oximeter with OLED display

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"This is the most handy little gadget. I have several health issues, and this little oximeter helps me to gauge when I need to take action or to settle down... Fits easily in my purse, easy to read. A little life-saver!" - Peggy B., TX

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Why Keep a Check on Your Blood Oxygen Sp02 Levels?

  • If the organs don’t receive enough oxygen, they won't be able to work correctly which might result to complications.  
  • Muscles can’t function without enough oxygen which devalues your exercise session .
  • Low blood oxygen levels can lead to fatigue, lack of energy, and even dizziness.
  • Pulse Oximeters can easily pick up on decreases in oxygenation during your daily living activities, learning, and sleeping; decreases on such can alter the brain and body function or create problems that need to be corrected.


  • Quick, Accurate, and Easy to Use -  This device shows your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate and pulse strength with just a press of a button! Perfect for every household and medical professionals alike!
  • Multi-directional OLED display - The oximeter has a rotatable multidirectional display for easy viewing. 4 directions, 6 modes, allow you to view your results in any direction
  • Alarm function -  This oximeter has an alarm function you can set that notifies you according to your needs. A warning will show once the measured values go beyond your preset setting. A convenient way to keep things on track.
  • Long battery life w/ Smart Power Saving - The oximeter doesn't consume too much power. If there is no signal for 8 seconds, the product will automatically enter its power saving standby state.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Fingertip Oximeter
  • 1x Lanyard
  • 1x English user manual
  • 1x Carrying bag

23 Reviews

Mike B.

Verified purchase

Works great. I have breathing issues due to 5 Heart Attacks and I needed this to keep a check on my pulse ox . Now after climbing one flight of stairs I can see a drop to below 94 % for about 10 seconds, where I get dizzy. But it returns to normal, 98%, at the end of the 10 seconds. So all is ok, as far as I can tell. This is easy to read and with the numbers able to go around the meter I can put it on any finger and read it just fine. There are setup screens to set alarm values and alarm sounds so this is adaptable to anything you need.


Jules G.

Verified purchase

Great product! My husband uses this multiple times a day. Great for tracking your heart rate, and oxygen rate. Easy to use and super easy to carry with you. Very accurate...compared it to the BP monitor at the Dr.'s office and it was right on. Great to have if you feel like you are having heart issues, but you're no sure...this will show your pulse rate and a graph of your heart you peace of mind!


Lucy K.

Verified purchase

Got for my stepfather as he'll "play" with this and keep him on track for using his oxygen at night.
It works great and comes with a lanyard and case which is GREAT for people who drop things a lot.


Mary D.

Verified purchase

This is a great pulse ox device. I had ordered another one but it was useless since I had to press the button every time I wanted a reading. This is great as it takes readings until I take it off my child's finger. Very helpful. The low oxygen alarm is also helpful. Much more useful than my last one.


Alicia J.

Verified purchase

A must have product for any home! Instantly tells you pulse and oxygen levels. Also has simple heart rhythm display. Reading are super accurate. I have varied twice at my drs office. Comes with Velcro case and long necklace lanyard.


Andrea H.

Verified purchase

Use this all the time at work. Great for road testing paitents ( since you can’t take the wired one with you!!!). I find this nice to have in my pocket.


Kathy W.

Verified purchase

My husband has too much carbon dioxide in his body so I order this to keep a watch on this oxygen level. So far it has met all our expectations.


Kristiana F.

Verified purchase

Tiny useful and accurate, great to have in a medicine cabinet, also helps in a pinch... 911 dispatchers loved that I could accurately explain with numbers. Inexpensive but quality is much better


Ken J.

Verified purchase

 I like the fact that it has high and low alarms. My oxygen saturation drops at night. This awakens me. I can tell my doctor what my low levels are so we can adjust my oxygen.


Ally S.

Verified purchase

I bought this product for my personal use. I have found a even better use not mentioned in the advertisement. Place this on a child's finger when your bandaging their knee. It keeps their attention away from the knee while your doing your first aid. I would give it 6 stars for this reason alone.


Kelly L.

Verified purchase

GREAT for me..I burned my lungs in an accident. since then my levels drop and it is important to know that as soon as possible. Glad I found this great little guy! came early, packed well. no problems. purchase with confidence.


Bella F.

Verified purchase

Good working product, and the pulse reader is a huge plus. Its comfortable to use and shuts off just after use conserving battery usage.


Peggy B.

Verified purchase

This is the most handy little gadget. I have several health issues, and this little oximeter helps me to gauge when I need to take action or to settle down... Fits easily in my purse, easy to read. A little life-saver.


Jane B.

Verified purchase

Exactly what I was looking for, as I have to keep track of my oxygen level. Works super fast and the battery seems to be lasting for quite a while. No complaints here and I get an extra bonus watching my heart beat and pulse rate. Mine came with the case and lanyard, which is great for traveling in my purse.


Tom R.

Verified purchase

I've been using this now for over a month. It is very handy, accurate and reliable. I've used it to monitor my pulse, oxygen saturation and perfusion since returning home after my heart surgery. It appears to be very well made and has excellent instructions included. A great product.


Christine G.

Verified purchase

We tried a few oximeters and this is the best one so far... the display is very clear and well lit, and the readings are more stable and accurate than the others. I bought a few spares to keep in different places.


Gigi H.

Verified purchase

Anyone with breathing problems should have this to use to be able to explain (sometimes) why you are not feeling well.


Oscar S.

Verified purchase

This device is extremely efficient and accurate. I used the oximeter on my mom, who has low oxygen saturation, on Tuesday and the reading was exactly the same as the RN home care nurse to used another device the next day.


Robert C.

Verified purchase

Bought this because my exercise bike's heart rate monitor was wildly inaccurate. It came faster than I anticipated, works beautifully and solves the problem! I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone!


Frank B.

Verified purchase

Love it, especially the heart sound feature. I can faintly hear it while auscultating with stethoscope and this helps to see if they match. Quick readings with one even when others can't pick up O2 sat and pulse. (I work with geriatric patients).


Max D.

Verified purchase

I need to be able to monitor my pulse. This works perfectly. It is quick and easy to use and read. I can carry with me and have it on hand. I use it daily. Very satisfied.


Cecilia F.

Verified purchase

This is a gift for a doctor working in a third world country - this will be a gift from heaven for him. Very nice product I was very impressed - thank you


Linda G.

Verified purchase

I needed this so bad! I need to check my oxygen level often! I'm very pleased with my purchase. Easy to use and carry with me. Easy to read and love the case and lanyard!