Electric Liquid Transfer Pump

$39.90 $119.99

"Cannot believe how well it works and inexpensive too. No more gas or diesel on my clothes or hand since we discovered the pump. Very easy to use and eliminates all the mess and waste of spilled fuel." - Deborah P., MI

Get a great discount on our Electric Liquid Transfer Pump while the NEW YEAR SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $119.99.


  • It will make transferring gas convenient, stress-free, and hazard-free 
  • It automatically pumps liquid and transfers 6 quarts per minute
  • It helps prevent leaks and overflows
  • Battery-operated and lightweight, it’s easy to carry anywhere with you
  • Can also transfer water (non-drinking), oil, and other non-corrosive liquids
  • You can also use it to pump water out of a clogged sink, transfer water out of an aquarium, fill your lawnmower with gas, and more
  • It’s a useful tool for the garage, basement, bathroom, shop, yard, and is great to keep in your car in case of emergencies.

How to operate:

  1. Twist off the lid to open the battery cover. Insert 2 D batteries (not included) and twist back the cover.
  2. Insert the suction pipe into the supply (sending) container. Place the other end of the pipe to the receiving container to transfer liquid. 
  3. Only Press The Button. Press the button again if you want to stop transferring liquid.
  4. When finished, keep the pump upright and lift the handle above the pump mechanism to drain any liquid back into the original container.
  5. Do not lay pump down until all liquid has been drained from the tube and pump.
  6. Run water through the pump after using it with another liquid. This will rinse the interior and extend the life of the pump.

9 Reviews

Norma C.

Verified purchase

Highly recommend! Its the great thing to have when you are in need of transferring any liquid stuff from one to another thing. I usually use it when we want to do lawn mower. I would get the gas from my car to the gas can and pour it in to mower. Its super easy to do it with this cool stuff!!


James A.

Verified purchase

The pump saves my back from lifting heavy liquid containers to refill my equipment. Also, saves my floor coating since I can control the flow of product. I travel with this in my RV, great for transferring water into our tanks.


Cathy K.

Verified purchase

Anyone using a tank for gas, diesel or water needs one or more of these great transfer tools.
It makes spills a thing of the past and it's so easy to use and store. A truly must-have product!


Leslie H.

Verified purchase

Well built liquor transfer pump. I used this pump for changing water in my fish tank. No more manual pump! It works well, highly recommended.


Helen R.

Verified purchase

This pump came in very handy over the weekend. My family went on a camping trip and we ran out of gasoline in one of the campers. It was no problem because I had this pump which was easy to put together and use. My husband was surprised at how easily it pumped the gas from the tank to the camper. Our friends liked it so much they said they were going to buy one as well.


Paul L.

Verified purchase

Great product for transferring liquids - highly recommend! Purchased this pump to make transferring extra fuel into my vehicles easier and less of a mess. Used it on a recent camping trip and it did a great job for both diesel and gas. Pump is plenty long enough to reach the bottom of the can and left very little fuel behind. Transfer hose is also a good length and allows some ability to shift the can around without fear of the hose popping out and making a mess. 


Dana W.

Verified purchase

This transfer pump is light and very practical. I bought it to refuel my ride on tractor and lawn mower. The best news is no more gas spilling all over my mower/tractor, drive etc. Very cool solution. I love this pump.


Grace N.

Verified purchase

This is a great little back saver, I can't believe that never thought that something like this existed! Unbelievable how fast this transfers liquids. Nor more spills!


Toni P.

Verified purchase

If you have a Fishtank this is a great item to suck out the water without any hard work put into it. It works nice and quick. Great tool makes my work quicker and faster.