Smart Race Puzzle

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"Fast-paced, fun, surprisingly challenging head-to-head pattern matching game. My son (he's 9) and I enjoy this game. It's not something we play a lot. But, when we get it out, we'll play several games and really enjoy it. It's easy to set up and equally easy to store. Rules are simple. It takes maybe two minutes to learn and each game only takes a few minutes to play. We love it." - Taylor N., TX

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  • Are you sure that you can solve this puzzle quickly? Try racing someone else that thinks they can too!
  • Smart Race Puzzle is a fast-paced game for two players to get your brain and fingers racing
  • Shake the scrambler and go head to head with your opponent to shift and slide the tiles to be the first to make the 3x3 center match the pattern
  • The player who spells the correct pattern first need to immediately put the connection frame and the one who does this will wins the game
  • It sounds easy, but the Smart Race Puzzle is a real game of skill, speed, and dexterity
  • Challenge your friends and family for this Smart Race Puzzle


  • Dimensions: 13.58 inch (34.5 cm) x 6.69 inch (17 cm) x 6.69 inch (17 cm)


  • 2 x Game Plate
  • 1 x Connection Frame
  • 1 x Dice Holder
  • 48 x Magic Block

14 Reviews

Henry T.

Verified purchase

But this game on a whim and OH MY GOSH! We have loved it. Opened in Christmas and we have been playing it all day. Little kids have might a problem figuring it out, my 7 year old can't do it, but my 10 year old can. My wife and I played it non stop. High recommend! Great fun!


Kimberly A.

Verified purchase

Great game, and one of the first that my 10-yo has mastered to the point that she can beat me - actually, she can beat pretty much anybody at it. Super-fun if you don't might the bruising to your ego, and nothing beats the satisfaction slamming down the center piece on your winning tiles. We've gotten this as a gift for a bunch of her puzzle-minded friends. Great!


Parker V.

Verified purchase

This game is SO MUCH FUN. My family highyl recommends it. It's so quick to set-up, play, and then restart, that we often end up playing 20~30 rounds at a time- "Ready...GO!...I won!...Go again?... GO!", all in the space of 2 or 3 minutes. Surprisingly fun game. So happy with my purchase. Highly recommended.


Mary K.

Verified purchase

This a really fun game. My 8 year old daughter loves to play it and challenge my husband and me to countless games of this. She is really good and quick at it. My brain and fingers can't keep up with hers. I am in awe when I watch her moving all the pieces so quickly to make the correct pattern. We also love the variations that you can play if you get tired of the classic version. It's a great brain stimulating game.


Nolan O.

Verified purchase

This game is pretty awesome! There is nothing holding the tiles in. I thought that would make sliding them fast a problem, but it works like a charm. Once in a while one will pop out of place while playing but it’s not a huge deal. It’s just a matter of sliding tiles around until you reach a certain pattern. Really a lot of fun for all ages!


Nicole J.

Verified purchase

We bought this game last weekend and love it. Easy to set up with very fast play. Each round lasts about 2 to 3 minutes. One player shakes the cube to create the pattern. Then both players slide their tiles to try to recreate the pattern in the center square on their board. The first player to think he or she has created the match pulls down the center wall to declare victory! Fun, fast and a new favorite in our house. We love it!


Alice O.

Verified purchase

This game is a ton of fun for a competitive household like mine. It’s great to pull out when guests are around, perfect to travel with, and good for mental stimulation and just getting the brain awake and moving. It also provides a nice homework break when you don’t want to dull your senses with tv, but need to take 5 or 10 min break. Great!


Patrick B.

Verified purchase

I first bought this game not really knowing what this game was all about. I opened it up and started playing it right away with my kids (ages 10 and 6). My 10 year old LOVED it!!! My 6 year old had a hard time. It is a logic puzzle that requires you to think strategically. She still had fun but not as much fun as the 10 year old. So all in all... this game is a MUST HAVE!!!! 


George M.

Verified purchase

I enjoy playing this game with my son. They had a game day in his classroom at school and it was a big hit with the 3rd graders. The teacher even thought this was a great game for strategy and thinking skills. The tiles could be easily lost, we store them in 2 ziploc bags for easy set up each time we play.


Angela C.

Verified purchase

A fun gift for rubix cube lovers. Although not super easy, it was fun and didn't scare away the nine years boys of the family from wanting to keep competing against the adults. Easy to travel with, always a plus for holiday game fun!


Shelby D.

Verified purchase

This is a great & fun way to use your brain! The first day we got it the kids played for hours! Now I use it as a way to get them off their devices. Once I say “you need to play 3 games before you can use your device” they end playing for hours because it’s so addictive!


Richard P.

Verified purchase

This game is addicting. We had young children and adults playing. Since it's a two person game, everyone calls dibs on playing the winner. Thinking of purchasing another to have competitions during family game nights. Fun, fun!


Edwin T.

Verified purchase

Got this for my son-in-law, he asked for games they could use at their house. I honestly got it because he loves the cubes, and I got a deal on it. I never thought he would be that engrossed in it. They love it. My daughter actually loves it too, as in this is one of their new favorites.


Amber L.

Verified purchase

My grandson has been obsessed with Rubik's cube and I found this game for his 10th birthday. He loves it! His 8 year old brother described it to me as super fun and challenging!! Great deal. I actually bought another one for my grandson who lives in another state and is turning 9 in a few weeks.