Ease Reach Lotion Applicator

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"This is one of the best products I have ever purchased. For years, living alone, I try and cover my back with lotion, and really have a hard time. Now I have my Ease Reach Lotion Applicator that reaches the entire back and feels so good getting lotion over the entire back. My back feels so different all day I did not realize how dry my back skin was. I cannot say enough about this product. All my friends and all my Christmas gifts will be the Ease Reach Lotion Applicator. You just fill the applicator with your favorite lotion, soap, oil and roll love it love it!" - Cathie S., CT

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  • This long-handled Ease Reach Lotion and Cream Applicator is a useful bathing aid for people who have a limited range of motion.
  • Now you can easily apply lotion to your back and elsewhere while massaging your muscles - all without the need to twist and turn into a human pretzel.
  • Just fill Ease Reach Lotion Applicator with your favourite moisturiser, oil or foaming bath gel.
  • The 19 rolling balls soothe and invigorate as they massage in the liquid evenly.
  • The extra long removable handle makes it easy to reach your back - or any other hard-to-reach area.
  • You can slide the handle off the applicator to massage your arms or legs without getting your hands greasy.


  • Length: 42cm / 16.5inch

6 Reviews

Judy M.

Verified purchase

I love this thing. It holds enough lotion inside so you don't have to keep refilling it. It's easy to put lotion on your back. I also run it down my arms and legs. It puts on lotion without leaving too much and being all sticky. You're not getting all that lotion on your hands as you normally would. The only thing that I don't like is that I kept it in my Wish List for too long, I should have just ordered it right away.


Shauna E.

Verified purchase

I love this! I wish I had ordered it years before! I'm going to order one for my mom and my friend because they would love it too.


Shirley B.

Verified purchase

This is an excellent product to apply your lotion to your back and hard to reach places...I have a neck and back injury, so this is very helpful to me...I recommend it very highly!


Barbara G.

Verified purchase

Pure awesome! Ladies if your husbands hate to put lotion on your back, or do actually anything for you period. This is a must have. Its wonderful. Easy to fill, easy to use! Reaches those hard to reach areas!


Carol R.

Verified purchase

I’m a home health Occupational therapist that bought this for a patient that could not reach the bottom part of her legs to apply lotion. I had seen this and was skeptical, but it really does work.


Jessica M.

Verified purchase

This worked perfectly for me. My skin had gotten really dry with the winter weather and indoor heat, and I was scratching myself raw nightly with a back scratcher. I used a lotion in a pump bottle to fill the applicator, and it worked wonderfully. I am no longer wearing the paint off corners in my office by rubbing on them like a business-casual, fur-less bear.