Wireless Remote Control Duplicator

$29.90 $109.99

"This cloning device is just what we needed. We needed 3 copies of our garage remote control because of our different schedules. This worked perfectly. It was easy to copy, I just followed the instructions that came with it. It's also very handy. I highly recommend this." - Margaret H., CA

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  • Durable copy transmitter switch
  • Keychain design for travel convenience
  • High transfer sensitivity, no signal blocking
  • Adopts one-to-one key copy technology and the password of each key is saved individually
  • Duplicate your existing remote control for cars, car sunroofs, garage doors, rolling gates, heating systems, wireless anti-theft device, home automation, etc.


  • Dimensions: 2.16 x 1.10 x 0.55  inch
  • Weight: 0.88 oz
  • Channel: 4
  • Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Wireless Distance: up to 100 m
  • Powered by: 1 x 27A battery (included)

14 Reviews

Mark A.

Verified purchase

I'm so glad when I found this. I needed to duplicate several remote controls and give them to my brother who needed to stay with us for a few months. Since this works on heater, garage doors, and rolling gates I got a few and made copies. They all worked perfectly and when my brother no longer needs them they will serve as spare. 


Daniella Y.

Verified purchase

This thing works great! I was able to copy my car's remote control in just a few minutes. The copy works great and it's very handy now I no longer need to go through the hassle of getting a new remote control. I got a few more and cloned the remote control for my garage and gate. 


Louise D.

Verified purchase

Two thums up! Worked perfectly for our 2 gates to enter the complex and our garage door. So much easier to program than dip switches! I'm replacing all our remotes with 2 of these.


Kevin M.

Verified purchase

This Wireless Remote Control Duplicator is very easy to use. I was able to make duplates in a few minutes. I also like that it's very handy. I always keep the garage remote control copy with my keys.


Vanessa F.

Verified purchase

Don't know why I have not done this before! Such a powerful device in such a small package!!! For the price and convenience, you cannot beat this little thing. I would recommend it to anyone with more than one device and also as a replacement for a remote controller that has expired on you. 


Martin H.

Verified purchase

Easiest garage door opener i have ever programmed. My daughter just bought a house and we had to do alot of programming. Also have my home garage on it. We've been using these for over 6 mos and never had a problem with them. Great product!


Justin L.

Verified purchase

This is really a great little universal remote. I followed the instructions detailed in the remote's description and I cloned my remote controls in just a few minutes. I've been using them since last year and they work great! Highly Recommended!!


Stewart G.

Verified purchase

I got this as a Christmas gift and I have to say it's one of my favorite gifts. I was told that this was purchased from this website so I got a few because the one that was given to me as a gift works great. I received the ones that I ordered last week and now we have enough duplicates for each family member. This seller is very informative and helpful. Thank you!


Lester G.

Verified purchase

This is a small but powerful device. It's got as much range as my old long range remotes but now with the convenience of being able to carry them around easily. I also gave some to my children and they all loved it. 


Paul R.

Verified purchase

This is my new gate remote control. I got this a month ago. I followed the intructions and got to clone our gate remote control easily. After using it for a month I can confidently say that this product does what it says it will do. If you need to duplicate your remote controls, this is the one to get. 


Nancy D.

Verified purchase

This is the easiest remote control duplicator that I've ever used. The duplication steps are so simple and easy to follow. The remote control works great too! I recommend this!


Billy C.

Verified purchase

Great little opener! It only took seconds to program. I velcro it on my motorcycle. The slide down cover is nice and prevents the buttons from being pushed. Range is great!


Brenda O.

Verified purchase

Really like this !!! My husband programmed it to connect it with our garage opener, but I don't think it was hard for him to do it. It works great!! I attach it with my keys so I can open the garage ahead of time before entering into the garage and also if I'm in a friend's car, I can instantly open the garage to go through there instead of the long way through my front door. Going to buy more!!!


Wesley K.

Verified purchase

The remote is a good size, it's probably the same size as a car starter or car alarm remote. The build is good, does not feel cheap. The slider to cover the buttons is a really nice touch! Great product!!!