Wheel Edge Rim Protector (8m/26.2ft)

$29.90 $109.99

"These are great, looks fantastic on my wheel rims and protect them if my pupils touch the curb as I teach driving so these are a must have for us. All car owners should have these! Great help....Wise buy." - Harry W., WY

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  • These wheel trim bands don't just look good - they can help reduce or avoid minor scratches and scuffs to your rims that can come from road hazards and curbs during low speed maneuvering situations such as parallel parking
  • Suitable for most car wheel rims
  • Easy to install yet gives a professionally made output


  • Dimensions: 0.32 x 314.96 inch
  • Item Lenght: 8 m / 26.2 ft
  • Color: Black, Red
  • Material: Premium Rubber

10 Reviews

Steven P.

Verified purchase

I bought a used car and the rims on the right side were pretty scratched up from hitting the curb too many times. I was worried that the protectors would not stick to them. I followed the instructions very closely and spend over an hour to install them. It's been two months and they are still holding up very well. October was the rainiest month in the history of Vancouver, November is usually the rainiest month of the year, and we just got hit by few days of snow and below zero temperatures.

I hope this gives an idea of what those protectors been through. I would definitely recommend this. They also look fantastic


Harry W.

Verified purchase

These are great, looks fantastic on my wheel rims and protect them if my pupils touch the curb as I teach driving so these are a must have for us. All car owners should have these! Great help....Wise buy.


William T.

Verified purchase

These are really easy to apply if you follow the instructions. Good amount of protection. They have been on for a day and I've driven through fields and at speed and they are stuck on well! Don't appear to come off. I feel much more comfortable with them, knowing I have some extra protection. I will get a few more for my mom and dad's car.


Jack S.

Verified purchase

I applied these with the wheels on, not jacked up, didn't need to rotate the wheel. Just make sure the rims are completely clean before you use the alcohol wipes. Drove about 500 miles since and still good as new, stuck exactly in place. Has a nice subtle effect, not too flashy.


Stan J.

Verified purchase

It comes with a nice and simple instructions to follow and is so simple to install no need to deflate the tyres to install just stick on. Very practical and also don’t look bad on alloys. Hides scuffs and dings form your alloy and protects from future scuffs. Sticks very well too! 

Overall its a brilliant piece of kit recommended for anyone who wants added protection on their car wheel rims. I would highly recommend this product and seller !​​​


Ken C.

Verified purchase

I know the whole point of these is to protect your wheels from being damaged in the first place to an extent. However,  mine were already damaged and yet these edge rim protector have done a brilliant job making them look like new!!! So Easy to fit and look great. Well done!!


Thomas M.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my Tesla Model 3. I've driven the car 2,300 miles since installing this and it seems to hold up well so far. Totally worth the money spent to protect rims.


Richard G.

Verified purchase

This is great. I installed them on all my 19 inch rims almost 2 weeks ago and they’re still there firmly protecting the rims. Great buy!


Jason H.

Verified purchase

They do what their supposed to do. Protects car wheel rims and look smart and trendy in the process. The instructions are verys easy to follow. Reasonable price. This is a must-have. 


Francis L.

Verified purchase

I use this product on all my cars and even used it to hide some curb rash on my wife's Ford!