Stuffed Leaves Rolling Tool

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"Every time I taste succulent Armenian/Mediterranean/Middle Eastern wraps, I wonder how they roll them in such uniformity. Well, today I found the answer to my question. With this Stuffed Leaves Rolling Tool you can easily recreate the exquisite flavors of your favorite restaurant right in your home kitchen. I'm using it all the time!"- Michael P., SD 

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  • Can make a variety of delicious delights - with grape leaves, cabbage, vegetarian or meat filling, sushi, and rice paper
  • Just lay the leaf down and spoon your filling and move the slider forward
  • Rolling tool will do all the hard work for you
  • You can make your favorite restaurant dishes at home with no effort
  • This time-saver will allow you to make large volumes of appetizers for any party
  • Children also can enjoy sushi-making together with their parents


  • Dimensions: 15.9 inch (355 mm) x 3.7 inch (95 mm) x 2.9 (75 mm)

12 Reviews

Jackson P.

Verified purchase

Simple and amazing! Place the grape leaf on the roller, top it with a scoop of your preferred meat/rice filling, and roll the blue handle forward to wrap the scrumptious flavors of the Mediterranean in perfectly uniform dolmas. Layer them in a pot, add some water, and bring it to boil until your nostrils swell with the mouthwatering aroma of dolma. Love it!


Elizabeth N.

Verified purchase

I am glad that I got it! I love making all kinds of rolls and sushi. Now it's so much faster. I can make dinner for a few people in no time! I bought one more for my mom.


Lucas C.

Verified purchase

Bought this for my wife to make grape leaves rolls because of medical issues with her hands. She LOVED it, the first time she used it. Just make sure the ribbon is wet. Makes rolling easier so the leaves slide over the ribbon when being rolled. Great product!


Julian L.

Verified purchase

This is a great product for making cabbage rolls. It's all we needed up making a cabbage wraps with anything we want. Just put a cabbage, add a filling and roll roll roll! As many as you can eat!


Eleanor K.

Verified purchase

I have made a lot of stuffed grape leaves over the years and rolling them is something that of the process you have to perfect. Manually it takes some time but this little item makes the process faster and the grape leaves are uniform in size. Would definitely buy another one to have a spare on hand. 


Nolan O.

Verified purchase

It saves time and more productive than by hand. All rolls are the same size too. My favorite kitchen helper! Love it!


Gabriella D.

Verified purchase

I bought this as a little present for my friend’s mum. She’s Turkish Cypriot and makes a lot of dolma. She loved it and apparently it works really well. She is happy!


Bella P.

Verified purchase

I use this for middle easter stuffed Grapeleaves (dawali)... omg how good does this work. I watched a youtube video on right way to use it and believe me my whole house loves it. It is so easy to use and is very fast. Amazing!


Gavin F.

Verified purchase

I owned one of vegetable meat roller so I know how good it is that's why I purchase more of it to give as a Christmas gift. Recommend this to any roll lover!


Vivian K.

Verified purchase

Happy to have this. Finally I can now enjoy making food rolls with my mother. Thanks to the magic skills of this roller! 


Clara A.

Verified purchase

Yummy lumpia. Thanks for this meat roller that saves me time in making lumpia. My kids love it too! Very easy to use!


Max G.

Verified purchase

Works perfectly for stuffed grape leaves and summer rolls with rice paper. Saves me time. When my mom saw it she asked me to get one for her as well. Great kitchen tool!