Portable Safety Door Lock

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"I travel to many countries for work and have to stay in hotels. I bought this portable safety door lock almost a year ago and have been able to use it on every hotel door. It also works perfectly in my house. This makes me feel safer, I can have a good night sleep wherever I am." Phoebe K., NY

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  • The Portable Safety Door Lock installs onto any door within just seconds and gives you the extra piece of mind you need. Even when the door has an existing lock on it, the portable door lock will give you the extra security in case the first lock breaks, gets picked, or someone has a key for it.
  • The portable door lock is great for home doors, Airbnb, hotel, or any other short term rentals. It is also recommended for students staying in dormitories or rental apartments and schools to serve as an affordable tool for safety lockdowns
  • This portable safety door lock can easily be installed and removed in seconds for added safety, security, and privacy
  • Easily fits in your purse or pocket
  • Works on almost any door that opens inward 


18 Reviews

Paige E.

Verified purchase

My daughter received this as a Christmas gift and we both loved it so much so I bought myself one. I am living alone in my house most of the time since my husband passed away and my daughter got married. Even though I feel very safe in my home this adds an extra piece of security. I also bought it for traveling as an extra security. It's very easy to install on any door and well worth the price!


Heather D.

Verified purchase

What I loved about this product is that it was easy to use. A real no brainer took seconds to put in place. Felt extra secure in my hotel room last month. Now I use this on all the doors of my house.


Carla G.

Verified purchase

Last month there was a day when I noticed that our backdoor was open but when I asked everyone in the family none of them unlocked the door. It happened again last week so I had to do something. I got this safety door lock and now I feel that our home is safer and secured.


Dinah A.

Verified purchase

It takes a couple of seconds to intall it, once it is in place, it's impossible to get in. I am going to order another one for the front door. Only works when someone is inside to install it, anyway you feel super safe having this device. Highly recommended for traveling or adding extra privacy to your bedroom or bathroom.


Riley W.

Verified purchase

Here's my story: I had no privacy in my bedroom or bathroom and I HATED it!(I share an apartment with some college friends) I could barely sleep soundly without someone busting into my room whenever they wanted. If you notice in my pictures there is what appears to be a standard lock already on my door but for some reason you can just stick anything you want in the slit on the other side and turn and open the door! I was appalled!

I feel more relaxed and I get to have my private time now that I have this portable safety door lock. No one can ever open my door when I have this on(it annoys some of my friends but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. LOL!).


Jenny T.

Verified purchase

I'm so glad I found this. I was having a problem with my back door popping open unexpectedly even when locked. I was tired of having to pile heavy items in front of it to prevent it and haven't been able to afford to have a locksmith install a new deadbolt yet. This is a perfect solution! It was easy to install. The door absolutely will not budge now which is what I was looking for. Once installed you can NOT open the door from the other side.


Dave F.

Verified purchase

I travel 45 weeks a year and recently had someone (a repairman supposedly) use an electronic pass card and then pop the upper door latch (what a joke) and walk right in while I was in the shower. Eversince that event, I made sure that I bring this safety door lock with me wherever I go. I even use this at home. I also gave one of these to my best friend (a female) because I believe if I had been a female, it could have been a different outcome. This product works like a charm!


Sam K.

Verified purchase

Wow this blocks someone from entering giving one a good night of safe sleep.
Simple to use and easy to put on and take off, locks out all, even if they have a key or knows how to open a door without a key. Love it!


Anne R.

Verified purchase

Awesome product! I feel safer with this every time I travel. I'm so glad I decided to purchase this as there are times when some hotel staff would just get in when they do not hear any response so they can clean my room which is annoying because my sleep gets interrupted. This gives me more privacy anywhere I am, even in my home.


Oliver D.

Verified purchase

 Brilliant! Installs in seconds without tools. Leaves no marks. You can use it for a basement door or a hotel room and if someone wanted through that door, they'd have to use an axe and go through the entire door haha!

I have 3 of these. We have a 3 story house we rent with a basement with window wells. I always thought that if someone broke in they'd go through the basement. Since we sleep in the third floor we'd never hear it. Now I have locks on doors without modifying our rental and they only take seconds to install or remove. My wife uses one in hotels when she travels.


Hailey N.

Verified purchase

I use these to keep my ASD toddler out of the closets and from opening the front door without my permission. I have to zip tie them together to keep her from opening them but it's working still and it's been about a year. My apartment complex wont let me baby proof so I had to come up with creative ways to do it! This works for that!


Tricia Q.

Verified purchase

Great product! Easy to use. Unit is all connected, so no worry about losing any parts. I use one on my bedroom door and another on the basement door. It is an extra deterrent for someone opening a closed door. Very well made. The product does what they advertise. I'am not disappointed. Easy to take with when you travel.


Mandy P.

Verified purchase

After trying it out, I discovered that it looked nice and that it is super strong and you wouldn't be able to break it off easily. I also found that the locking mechanism was great, and it quickly unlocks in case of an emergency, or fire. The Portable Safety Door Lock is amazing and does its job and does it well. Definitely the best product for a portable lock.


Ken G.

Verified purchase

We use this device on our back door while away from home for long periods of time. Both our front and back doors only have a deadbolt, so this is just one additional step that makes me feel slightly better when I'm not at home but even safer when we are home because we use this on all doors when we are around.

We have also used this inside our hotel room on vacation because our toddler will open and flee if there's no upper lock available. This product does its job very well!


Pauline L.

Verified purchase

I was so impressed that I had to share. This took all of 1 minute to setup and after pulling hard on the door, it stayed firm. We use this on an interior door that doesn't currently have a lock on it. So simple to use and should hopefully prevent us from being surprised in the night by someone breaking in via the basement and sneaking up to the main floor of the house without us knowing. As an added security we recently started putting this on all our doors before going to bed. 


Valerie H.

Verified purchase

This is exactly what I wanted for myself to provide an extra sense of security. As a single female renter I always felt a little concerned about the maintenance guys, office staff, previous tenants and any number of other service providers that had keys to easily enter my apartment. While I doubt this little gem will stop anyone who is bound and determined to gain access regardless of the consequences. It installed super easily. I definitely recommend this to everyone who rents or travels.


Harry E.

Verified purchase

I just moved into an apartment building and wanted some added protection against break-in's and from maintenance being able to unlock the door and walk right in. I love the ease of use. This is a product that I can rely on for my safety.


Roselyn G.

Verified purchase

I ordered my very own after reading through the comments. A piece works great even if the door is not locked. I feel safer when I am home alone(which would be most of the time since my mom is a nurse and my dad and eder brother are always super busy with the family business. Thanks a lot!