Premium Bluetooth Tripod Travel Selfie Stick

$29.90 $109.99

"We recently purchased a house and we were trying to take a family picture in front but it was a struggle. I told my husband we needed to get a tripod for our phone, so we decided on this one because of it being a selfie stick too! We used it on Christmas to take family pictures. Money well spent!" - Sophie R., OH

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  • Our 4 in 1 selfie stick will allow you to take the best pictures no matter where you are!
  • Take amazing selfies using it as a selfie stick, or pull out the built in tripod, use the provided bluetooth remote and capture stunning photos! This is a must for all travelers or people who just love taking a good photo
  • With a built-in Wireless remote shutter you can enjoy remote photo shooting within 33ft / 10m distance by connecting your phone via bluetooth 3.0
  • Stable and quick. Includes 5 extendable sections up to 27.5 inch/ 70 cm long, which allows you to get wider shooting view
  • Aluminium alloy tripod with non-slip foot pad - that helps the tripod legs from wobbling, so the tripod is more stable to record video or face time with your family or friends by the remote.
  • Extendable lenght - between 10.6'' - 26.77'' short lenght for intimate shots and longer lenght to get wider sceners
  • Bluetooth 3.0 selfie stick tripod supports 2.16''-3.42'' screen width
  • Supports Landscape and Portrait
  • Compatible with all kinds of smartphones
  • Sturdy and Shockproof
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable and Corrosion-resistant
  • No mobile apps required

14 Reviews

Rachel A.

Verified purchase

This item is amazing and is definitely a must-have for travelers! Whenever my family and I go out to travel and try to snap pictures as a group, this product's ability to stand on its own and connect to my mobile to take our group pictures has been the best investment yet!

We don't need to look for someone to take our picture or worry that someone will be missing on the photo...This selfie stick can offer more than just having to take pictures with friends/family, it can also serve as a cellphone's holder for when I need to do videography (or even FaceTime/Skype/FB video call) by my phone.


David T.

Verified purchase

I’ve been looking for a good selfie stick for a while now, and the reason I chose this one is because it came with a tripod too. The last selfie stick I purchased was flimsy and broke quickly. This one is ten times better. It’s sturdy, the Bluetooth button really works, and I’ve been able to get some really good use out of it already. I purchased it knowing I’d want good photos of the whole family on Christmas morning, so I’m really excited to be able to capture all of our traditions in photos. The tripod is awesome too! This was one of my best purchases all year!


Mia K.

Verified purchase

I really like the tripod foot, it makes popping it up as a stand so easy! The adjustable length twist-action is solid and dependable. The Bluetooth button works at quiet a distance as a remote, really easy to set up and use. For the price I don't think you can find better.


Sophie R.

Verified purchase

We recently purchased a house and we were trying to take a family picture in front but it was a struggle. I told my husband we needed to get a tripod for our phone, so we decided on this one because of it being a selfie stick too! We used it on Christmas to take family pictures. Money well spent!


Annie L.

Verified purchase

This is my first selfie stick, and i love it. I love that it comes with a remote so when everyone is ready you just click. It is also great for group pic, you don't have to be stretching your arms to capture everyone. My seven year old son loves to taking pic, so he is having a great time with this selfie stick. Overall its a great buy. Its handy and compact


Mindy H.

Verified purchase

Very useful when you have a toddler. Its hard enough to get them to hold still for a picture with you but when youre trying to awkwardly hold the phone for a picture also it can get rough. This selfie stick is my first so i dont have much to compare it to but i can say it does hold my iphone and my husbands samsung without a problem!


Ron F.

Verified purchase

We do a lot of traveling on cruises and this will be great for when we want to capture the moment without having to ask someone for help. The tripod option is also amazing so we can get a great view of the background. It is very easy to use with a simple design.


Mary D.

Verified purchase

The first thing I need to say is that I bought this mainly for a selfie stick. I bought one that could also be used as a tripod in the rare case I wanted to take a picture or video from a place where my phone needed to sit still on a surface. As soon as the package arrived, my daughter saw what it was and took it to her room before I got a chance to use it!!! After a while, I went to see what she did with it.....she had used her iPhone in the tripod mode to video her painting a picture in the time lapse mode. It worked perfectly!! She was able to capture her whole painting without any problem and then post it on Instagram!

Of course, it can also be used as a selfie stick which is easy and even includes a detachable button to take the don't have to use a timer on your phone!

Between my teenage daughter and myself, we would definitely reccommend this product for filming things with your camera as well as taking selfies! It's a great value at it's price and can be easily hold different sizes of cameras with spring loaded holders built into the stick!!!


Eric J.

Verified purchase

I have actually avoided selfie sticks for a long time...
however, i finally came around and bought this one because it also came with a remote.
I have to say, maybe i should have gotten it sooner....
my arm doesn't look like its always somewhere in the picture holding the camera anymore and using the remote just makes it all the more easier.
Using the selfie stick actually helps capture the background too


Meghan B.

Verified purchase

I have never been one to take selfies so I didn't think that I needed a selfie stick.....
Well I was WRONG!! This thing is AMAZING it is able to get my family entire family in photos without killing my arm and me straining to include everyone. IT is super easy to use. I love how durable the pole is. I also like that it does face recognition well and is able to focus without issues. Another bonus is the awesome remote that can be used !!!
An AWESOME BUY!! It would also make a GREAT Gift.


Lucy C.

Verified purchase

On Christmas Eve, our family had matching pajamas, but no one to take a photo! I knew we needed a tripod to take photos of all of us. This is perfect. I needed a new selfie stick since my original one broke and the Bluetooth remote allows you to wait until everyone is ready instead of rushing for the timer. As a mom, I’m never in the photos. This lets me be a part of the memories!


Allison G.

Verified purchase

I got this for my daughter, this is a really cool stick, the stick has a good feeling of phone being secured well on all angles.
The Bluetooth works perfect with iPhone. Love the bluetooth functionality because it does the job well!
she can now take full body pictures by herself!
She also bring it to studio, video taping for her ballet class. and she use it for video her slime making!
Recommend for others to purchase you won’t be disappointed.


Jane S.

Verified purchase

I was looking for a sturdy, transportable tripod stand for my phone and this one solves all my needs. This is so easy-to-use and set-up. My old tripod was more flexible and hard to use so this one is such a breeze. In addition, it holds my phone even with the case on which is another great selling feature for me. I don’t have to fidget with the legs to get it to stand up just works! I can’t wait to take this with us when we travel.


James O.

Verified purchase

This is a such good product. Somehow I need a overseas meeting with my partner or with doctor for my customer skype call, I can just bring this with me instead bring Laptop to office or coffee shop. Easy to use and won't lose or drop. When I use the remote to take the selfie with my family or even for my kids they know how easy to take a picture with small remote. this selfie stick come with small mirror for you to take the good picture. You won't regret to get it and use it!!