Corundum Drill Bit Sharpener

$29.90 $109.99

"Follow easy to read guidelines and you will have your new favorite tool! I went from a (junk) draw full of drill bits that were useless or close to it but not anymore to almost new drill bits. This item is easy to use quick and a very efficient way to gain much more life out of your drill bits! Very handy!" - Christian R., NE

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  • Give your old blunt drill bits a second life with this quick and easy drill bit sharpener
  • Use this Drill Bit Sharpener with your power drill to keep bits sharp and ready for use without buying a whole new set of drill bits
  • Use your drill to rotate the 100 grit grindstone and simply press the bit against it for a sharp edge. You will have to do this twice for each drill bit for both edges
  • Wear-resistant corundum grinding wheel
  • Rustproof, waterproof and dustproof
  • Perfect gift for any handyman
  • Accommodates drill sizes: 5/64" - 13/64"(2mm-5mm), 7/32" - 21/64"(5mm-8mm), 11/32" - 1/2"(8mm-12.5mm)


  • Dimensions: 7.28 inch (185 mm) x 1.57 inch (40 mm)

11 Reviews

David S.

Verified purchase

This drill bit sharpener works very well. It was pretty easy to use and did an amazing job at sharpening my drill bits. It is made out of very durable materials and it should last a pretty long time. I would definitely recommend this drill attachment bit sharpener for anyone who uses their drill bits frequently and needs to reach sharpen them off in in order to keep them cutting smoothly and quickly. Great tool!


Luke T.

Verified purchase

This drill bit sharpener has paid for itself many times over. It is compact, durable and does a great job sharpening our iron-based drill bits. Amazing!


Evelyn A.

Verified purchase

Very easy to use. Keeps my husbands bits sharp and ready to be used. And if its not sharp this is very easy to sharpen his drill bits with. Great! Very useful tool!


Matthew G.

Verified purchase

I love this thing! It's nice and compact so you can easily bring it with you if needed. It works great. I bought it because my bits were getting dull and it worked great for what I needed. Perfect sharpener!


Henry B.

Verified purchase

This drill bit sharpener works really well! I used it and loved it, it sharpened all of my drill bits and I'm super excited about it! It is so easy to use and you can take it anywhere! 


Kimberly V.

Verified purchase

This is pretty neat. I got this because my husband is always gripping about his bit getting dull over time. He has his own automotive shop so he using his bits daily. And if they don't cut through the pipe without hesitation then he is wasting his time. He was excited when I showed him this sharpener. He used it right then. He attached his drill to the bit sharpener and started playing. It works great and he likes his new toy.


Oliver A.

Verified purchase

This is a perfect device. I used to drill on steel but then would have to throw away the bits because they got dull right away. Now I can just re-sharpen them and use them over and over again!! A great tool to have. Great gift too!!


Robert L.

Verified purchase

This drill bit sharpener was easy to use. We used it to sharpen quite a few drill bits and it holds up good. It seems to be made really good and durable. Love it!


Parker N.

Verified purchase

Works great on the job site. Very convenient. I sharpened all my blades and it seems to work great. Very useful tool! Happy that I bought it!


Joel A.

Verified purchase

I have spent the last couple night sharpening all my old bits and love this thing. Really does a good job! The quality of the product is great and I found its use intuitive. Handy tool!


Leonard K.

Verified purchase

I loved it, its the best invention ever!!!! I used it to sharpen all my drill bits, Excellent idea! All my drill bit are looking like brand new ones. I love it!