Handy Shelf

$49.90 $139.99

"They were super easy to install and are very sturdy. I put one in the shower for shampoo etc. and the other in the corner in the kitchen for spices I use frequently. They look amazing and I used the 2 hooks left from the kitchen in the bathroom for additional hanging items. So useful and easy to install" - Hannah A., MN

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  • Easy to install and remove
  • Doesn't leave marks when removed
  • Hooks for hanging towels, scrubber sponge/mesh etc.
  • Suitable for marble, drywall, glass, tile, virtually, any surface
  • Made of premium material, wear resistant and durable to use
  • Unique polymer pads and exclusive press technology that firmly holds on tight and guarantees a strong everlasting grip that won't slip


  • Dimensions: 9.05 x 14.9 x 8.66 x 1.49 inch
  • Weight: 16.90 oz
  • Color: White

11 Reviews

Rosie H.

Verified purchase

I am so happy with this handy shelf. It's sturdy, easy to install, stays in place, holds a lot of items and most of all a space saver. I'm getting a few more for my kitchen and bedroom.


Maria O.

Verified purchase

This solved my problem. I needed shelves or additional cabinet for my kitchen but I don't have much space for the rectangular shaped shelves or cabinet so when I saw this online, I immediately did some research and to my surprise this has sooooo many positive feedback (I'm adding one now!). I'm giving this a well deserved 5 star because just look at the photo I sent, it looks so pretty and sturdy. Who would have thought I could use that corner to add some shelves. Thank you! I'm a loyal customer.


Alice W.

Verified purchase

These shelves were exactly what I was looking for. They're very clean looking and pretty, easy to install, and fit sperfectly in a corner. I got two for my girlie stuff and  two more in the bathroom. The quality is so good and it stays attached to the wall. 


Lauren H.

Verified purchase

Works perfectly! I'm glad that I found this online before I decided to drill my bathroom wall. Cheaper and so easy to install! GREAT INVESTMENT! If there was a 10 star I would have picked that.


Carrie H.

Verified purchase

I've had this for a while. I intensionally waited a few months before giving this review because I wanted to see how it works after a long term use. I am happy to say that I trust this product and company. I never had a problem with this handy shelf. It's easy to install and remove so yes, this deserves a 5 star.


Zoe A.

Verified purchase

I purchased this product a little bit ago, but only recently got a chance to finally hang it up in our bathroom now that the remodel is complete. So far so good! I purchased this because I was tired of the soap getting small and slipping through the wire holders we had. It feels pretty sturdy I'm sure I'm gonna be using this for a while.


Michael Y.

Verified purchase

Got a few of these for my wife. She was so happy becasue she can simply find a corner to attach it to. So far she has already organized our house cleaning detergents and soap, bathing stuff and spices. I also kept two for my tools. Definitely a WISE BUY!


Cora M.

Verified purchase

Look at how neat and pretty it looks. I love that it doesn't take so much space yet holds a lot of items. I can also easily remove it and reposition to a different side when I want to. Cool and brilliant invention!


Raymond R.

Verified purchase

This shelf is so cool! Brilliantly designed! I don't have spend so much time drilling and fixing our bathroom. I'm glad my wife decided to get this. So much simpler than installing  a regular shelf or adding a cabinet which also takes so much space. I have nothing but praise for this product and company. Thank you for your wonderful service!


Stephanie D.

Verified purchase

I purchased 2 of these Handy Shelf and they installed great without having to drill into my shower tile. The best thing was they came with clear instructions and everything needed to properly install it. It was easy as pie. I'm waiting for this company to put this handy shelf on sale once more and will order this again.


Emily K.

Verified purchase

After installing this shelf I had to say it looks pretty! Perfect for my bathroom! It's amazing how it sticks to different kinds of surfaces and holds strongly. No drills! I wish I'd seen when my mom needed to add some shelves in her bathroom.