Shoe Laundry Bag

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"I was amazed. This is a good idea for washing shoes. Made my work much easier because i have to wash my son's sneaker often by hand before. Now i just need to put the shoes in the laundry bag and throw them into the washing machine. Clean shoes well and helps to dry them super fast. " - Emma L., NM

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  • Our Shoe laundry Bag allows you to easily and conveniently clean your shoes by allowing you to toss them into the washing machine without the risk of damaging your shoes
  • Mesh fabric lets water circulate through the shoes while keeping them separate
  • Two loops make it easy to hang from a rod or clothesline for air drying
  • This shoe bag has an anti-rust zipper, prevents laces from getting caught in the spinner
  • Can also be used as a travel bag or delicates wash bag
  • With hanging design and transparent window design, you can easily identify your shoes
  • Holds one pair of shoes up to a men's size 14


  • Dimensions: 10.2 inch (26 cm) x 9.8 inch (25 cm) x 3 inch (7.5 cm)

10 Reviews

Christian A.

Verified purchase

This is a must for anyone that washes sneakers, slippers, or the like. Prevents the shoes from bouncing around. I am so glad I came across this. Now I have to purchase some for my friends. Highly Recommend!


Claire M.

Verified purchase

I have been looking for these bags for some time. They are strong and will hold a good size shoe. It makes it easier to wash them and especially great to dry your shoes. Amazing invention!


Molly B.

Verified purchase

When I opened the box for this bag, I was pleasantly surprised. I used it to clean my snickers, with no issues. Worked like a charm. The bag held up in the same shape as I put it in the machine. My slippers came out sparkly clean too. Very happy with this product and will purchase another.


Melanie A.

Verified purchase

To me it seems everyone is making washable shoes these days but no one yet has got the idea of need for shoe laundry bag. Funny since we have laundry bag for everything. It looks of good quality and very functional. So happy with the purchase. All my shoes are so clean now!


Lilly T.

Verified purchase

Anyone with children knows how dirty their clothes and shoes get without them even trying. Dont waste your money buying new shoes to replace ones that they haven't outgrown yet. Wash the stinky ones! No tangled strings or list inserts when using this bag. Perfect!


Roberta O.

Verified purchase

I use these well-made bags for laundry (washer and dryer), holding clean folded clothing, packing shoes, storing winter clothing, and more! I like the dense mesh. My clothes are all clean and there isn't any residue in the bag. Very nice!


Rebecca A.

Verified purchase

So I never knew such a thing existed until I came across these laundry bags for shoes. I love the idea that my shoes are protected and being safely cleaned versus being tossed around and beat up in the washer and the dryer. These bags are perfect and so glad I have them now!


Colin N.

Verified purchase

Before buying this product, I was looking for a quick way to get my shoes to smell clean. Once I bought the product and washed my shoes, I was amazed not only by how clean the shoes came out to be, but also how good this bag holds it's shape. Great!


Vanessa K.

Verified purchase

I have an extremely active 8 year old who always manages to dive into every mud puddle available. It's been hard to keep her shoes clean, so I'd typically throw them away when they got too bad (especially white shoes). I had no idea there was a shoe laundry bag, but I'm thankful there is. I love it!!! The size and quality are great!


Nora L.

Verified purchase

I wish I knew about this before. I've used laundry bags in the past, but they were not specifically designed for shoes. These are really high quality shoe laundry bags that should last a while. They include everything you need to clean shoes in the washing machine without damaging the appliance or the shoes. Very happy I bought it!