Shower Sandal Deluxe

$39.90 $119.99

"This is the best foot care product I have ever bought for myself. It is pure pleasure to use the sandal in the shower. It sticks immediately to my tile shower floor as I press down. The bristles do a good scrubbing job but are soft enough to feel very pleasant on the skin. I don't want to stop!  In addition to feeling clean and well-scrubbed, it is also a great sole massage. I am back here, ordering two more - one for my 10 year old daughter and one as a gift for a Christmas." - Elizabeth T., CA

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  • Sticks firmly to almost any bath or shower
  • Firm, but soft bristles scrub and exfoliate your feet
  • Safer than stretching or bending to clean
  • Pumice stone built-in to the heel
  • Clean between your toes with ease
  • One size fits all


  • Dimensions: 11*5.3*4.5 inch
  • Material: High Quality Bristles


9 Reviews

Jane M.

Verified purchase

Whenever my back went bad, I used a foot washer with a sponge and brush at the end of it to wash my feet but it was awkward to use and took too much time. Then I bought the shower sandal and that is so much better and easier. I just put it down in the bathtub, put a little bit of liquid soap on it, and then I move each foot back and forth on the soft bristles and presto! My feet are clean. Great product!


Stella G.

Verified purchase

I can only sponge bathe, as our shower is upstairs. It's very difficult to properly clean my feet since I cannot reach them very well. My skin gets so dry, also. I received this sandal foot scrubber in the mail today, and used it right away.  I put a towel on the bathroom floor, and prepared the 'sandal' via the nearby tub faucet, which I can reach easily. It worked so well. I then rinsed it and applied moisturizer to the sandal. That worked wonderfully, also. I could cry, my feet feel so amazing. Thank you! 


Lucy G.

Verified purchase 

If you are an oldster or for some other reason can't get to you feet with your hands, this will is good way of getting those feet some much needed attention.  How else are you going to do it? Also this unit is reasonably priced and has good quality. You only need one of them.


Monica B.

Verified purchase 

My physically handicapped father can now wash his own feet! Great moral booster gave him more independence! I plan on getting a few of these for Christmas to give as gifts to friends in need. 


Elizabeth L.

Verified purchase 

I bought this for my elderly mother to use to clean between her toes since she cannot reach her feet real well since having a stroke. She really likes it and says it feels good scrubbing her feet on it. 


Thomas M.

Verified purchase 

I bought this for my handicapped father for xmas and it is the best thing i could have gotten him. He said it has made his showers much easier and now he can clean his feet with ease and is very pleased with the item.  So far- nothing but compliments!


Sandy B.

Verified purchase 

Getting older and not so sure footed in the shower and this is the perfect solution so I don't have to try to balance on one foot to wash the bottom of my foot. Just hang it on the side of the tub or shower when I get done using it and let it dry. 


Michelle L.

Verified purchase

Love this thing! I wear open toed shoes and sandals most days. I get home from work and step into the tube and wash my feet with the Shower Feet spa peppermint foot wash!  It's great! My husband made fun of it when I first ordered and and said I was turning into an old lady... Guess who loves it just as much! 


Jerry B.

Verified purchase

I love this foot scrubber!  A beefed up version of the as seen on tv. This one is better made. Being handicapped from an auto accident I find this item a great help to keep my feet clean and looking great !  I buy some tea tree oil to go with it and it keeps my feet smelling good and fungus free. A must have for us folks who can't reach their feet to give them a good cleaning anymore !