Sliding Dog Toy

$39.90 $119.99

"Amazing toy! I purchased this as a gift for my “grand” pups! I just heard back from my son who has four dogs. He said that this has provided hours of entertainment for the dogs! I watched them too. It makes a cute little squeak when chewed. Works great on tile floors. Highly recommended." - Ashley J., KY

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  • This dog toy is designed to look like half a ball with a flat, smooth bottom surface that glides across hard floors and carpets
  • Suitable for most indoor surfaces like carpet, tiles, vinyl, laminate, and wood, to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe indoors
  • Your pup will pounce and paw this dog toy as it makes intriguing squeaking sounds encouraging them to chase and pursue the toy
  • Whether you have a puppy or large dog, Sliding Dog Toy will get your furry friend moving and exercising while piquing their curiosity
  • Flat base prevents the toy from bouncing up to protect furniture and it won’t scuff floors
  • Soft flexible material won’t scratch or mark your walls


  • Diameter: 6.3 inch (16 cm)

12 Reviews

Eric J.

Verified purchase

My dog loves this toy! This is the second one I have bought. It stands up well to her chewing and I put wax on the bottom so it slides very fast on the carpet. She would play with this all day if she could. It's a great product! A must have!


Michelle T.

Verified purchase

Scooter loves this toy, He does not get bored with it. It slides over carpet - hard floors better. Scooter is a 27lb dog who can manage picking up this toy and running across the room away from me LOL. My daughters larger dogs enjoy to too.


Stephanie D.

Verified purchase

My dog loves it! It runs smoothly on the hardwood floor. I'm not afraid of it scratching the floor as it has a soft bottom. It is so much fun to watch the dog chase it! Absolutely amazing!


Megan A.

Verified purchase

LucyLu would play with this for hours and hours!...I have to take away from her to give her a break. It's her new favorite toy - have bought 2 more for friend's dogs. Great!


Travis I.

Verified purchase

My dog LOVES this toy!!!! The sound is loud but I think it cute how playful she gets with it. She’s had it for about 5 months and it’s starting to ware because she plays with it so much and also chews on it but I will be getting another because it’s a good toy and keeps her occupied. 


Emmett B.

Verified purchase

Our dog loves "the thing" as we call it. We have had it over one year. Many of her toys were destroyed within a few days, but not this. As a puppy, she could not pick it up in her mouth, but now, she brings it to us when it is time to play. It did lose its squeak but glides great down our wooden floor hallway. I am buying a new one as her birthday gift!!!


Leslie V.

Verified purchase

It glides VERY fast....My granddaughter's puppy LOVED it! The squeaker works great and, since our entire house is carpeted, he went nuts. Yes, he carried it around, but he isn't big enough to damage it. I'm waiting to use this with a friend's BIG who loves the laser pointer....can't wait to see what he does with this when the light is pointed on top!


Laura D.

Verified purchase

We bought this several months ago for our Lilly. I do believe it was the best toy we have ever purchased! Glides across carpet and hard floor. It only took her a few days to figure out how to cheat and grab it with her teeth, but still a joy to watch. You wont be sorry!!


Gregory C.

Verified purchase

Love this toy. At first my dog didn't know what to do with it but once she caught on, it is so funny to watch. You just slide it across the floor and she runs after it. She tries to pick it up and sometimes she is successful. It works great on carpet and hardwood flooring.


Madeleine P.

Verified purchase

FANTASTIC. This toy is great. My dog loves chasing it across the carpet and pouncing on it. I love being able to play with him without having to worry about a tennis ball bouncing and breaking something. Great!


Scott O.

Verified purchase

My toy came as described and appeared to be new. It effortlessly slides across my hardwood and linoleum floors. My dog loves playing with it as long as we are playing with him. He does not typically chew apart his toys so havent had any issues. Seems durable enough and my 4 year old child, he also loves playing with it! We are going to take it to the shelter and get the puppies some exercise while chasing this toy.


Charlie M.

Verified purchase

This glider ball toy made a new pup a happy happy camper! He is still too small for her to actually make it squeak and pick it up with his mouth,yet, but once he is an little bigger that'll be something new for him. He does really like when we squeak it for him, he comes running right into the room waiting for us to glide it over to him. Hardwood floors make it even glide further, however, this toy dies glide on carpet a good distance too. I am quite happy with my purchase and so is Tom! He has been playing with it for a few days.