Smart Windshield Cover

$29.90 $109.99

"This fits my Nissan Altima perfectly. It has protected my windshield from the heat of the sun, rain and snow. No more scraping or burning my hands while clearning my car windshield. Wise investment for all car owners." - Robert C., KY

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  • The silver side serves as a sun and UV protection
  • The black side protects the windshield from snow, ice, and rain during winter
  • It's also dustproof and protects cars from falling leaves, birds, and fierce wind
  • Ideally for front and rear car windshield
  • Easy to install, remove, twisted and fold into a smaller size for easy storage


  • Dimensions: 78.74 x 27.56 inch
  • Weight: 2.82 oz


15 Reviews

James F.

Verified purchase

Yesterday something peculiar happened here in Memphis, it snowed. It snowed and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. I had this product in my car and as the school systems were debating on whether or not they'd release the schools, I went and put the product on my vehicle. I am so glad I did, when I came out to prepare to leave for the day, it'd done its job and I didn't have to scrape my windshield. I am glad I purchased it and it's quite versatil.


Mary Y.

Verified purchase

This has been a most unusual winter with lots of rain, freezing rain, ice pellets and then snow. Parking my car outside makes getting to early AM appointments a real drag when having to scrape my windshield. This windshield cover is so slick. It cuts my warmup time to just a few minutes.


David N.

Verified purchase

I highly recommend it. Look at my car, all I need to do is remove the cover and I'm ready to go. I don't need to spend a lot of time scraping my windshield. It also works great during summer and fall. The best car cover!


Charles R.

Verified purchase

I got to use this snow cover for the first time the other day. We got our first freezing rain/snow day. The night before, I put the cover on and in the morning, I was surprised at how well it worked. While everyone around was scrapping away, I just pulled off the cover and was off to work. It saved me around 15 minutes of time. There are no issues yet though. Check out the photo to see how it worked.


Kimberly J.

Verified purchase

LOVE, LOVE this windshield snow cover. The material is a great which makes it easy to put on when you are outside in the Northeast dealing with frigid temperatures and the winds are gusting. It does not blow out of control due to some of the weight it has. I have shoulder and neck pain and this cover is a life saver. It not only saves me from a lot of scraping but also makes snow removal much easier. I just need to lift the cover and the snow can be shaken off. Great product and great customer service. Highly recommend.


Kenneth D.

Verified purchase

Such a great cover. Beat to use if you do not want to wake up to a windshield full of frost. Takes 15mins then to heat up the car and defrost. This is easy to put on and very easy to take off. Anyone can steal this off of your car easily.


Jeremy H.

Verified purchase

Ever since I got this cover I no longer worry about bird dirty windshied because of dust, bird poop and falling leaves. I just put this cover when I park my car and after work simply remove the cover and I'm ready to go. 


Steven T.

Verified purchase

If you have to park outside in snow and ice, this beats windshield scraping and defrosting when you are in a rush. It fits snugly, and is easy to put on and take off, just shake and store for the next storm. This fits my 2014 Honda CRV perfectly. The fabric is sturdy , but flexible and is of high quality construction. It is held firmly in place with thick elastic bands that go over and around the side mirrors, and top flaps that close inside the doors. I am pleased with how easy this cover is to use and how well it performs!! I recommend it highly.


Melissa A.

Verified purchase

I just recently ordered this and used it for the first time two days ago. I am amazed how easy it was to put on and attach to my car. I am a 76 year old woman and was a little concerned that I might not be able to put it on by myself. Wow, was I surprised. Love that the cover comes way down over my windshield wipers and over the two front side windows. The cover performed as advertised. I am very pleased with this purchase. Thank you.


Ronald C.

Verified purchase

This is by far the best snow cover I’ve ever used. It perfectly covers the windshield. It's also a great sun protection. What more can I ask for? 


Larry T.

Verified purchase

Perfect! It covers my windshield and stays in place. I love that both sides has different function. For now I'm using the silver side since the sun is shining bright and I want to protect my car from the heat. 


Martha R.

Verified purchase

I love this smart windshield cover. I don't have to worry about scraping my windshield every time I go out. It's also great that I can just fold it and easily store it when not in use. 


Roger S.

Verified purchase

I like the thick construction. It doesn't feel like it's going to tear if I unfold it the wrong way. The cover folds easily into a very compact size and I can store it away in the trunk without worrying about it unfolding by accident. There are two tabs for sticking into the door windows which is great as it keeps the cover in place.



Gerald O.

Verified purchase

My wife wanted this for her car because she works early and wanted her windshield frost,ice or snow free. So far it has worked exactly as planned. She loves it and it is a simple install. Basically has some weights along inside bottom of cover,straps that go around rear view mirrors, and ears flaps that go inside shut car doors. It is a well made material that should last a long while.


Edward N.

Verified purchase

This was perfect to stop having to scrape my windshield in the morning from both ice and snow. Great if you don’t have a garage and don’t want to set aside those extra 5-10 minutes before work to get your car all ready to drive. Highly recommend! Makes morning a lot more of a breeze - especially when it’s cold outside!