Solar Sonic Pest Repeller

$39.90 $119.99

"Bought this for my uncle that has a house and had multiples issues in the garden full of moles. So far working is great and doing its job. Is great that is solar and he doesn't need to run any wires to make them work. A big plus is that is not chemical products, so it won't be an issue with his small daughter that plays in the backyard. An overall great product that solves an issue without causing others." - Robert W., CA

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  • The ultrasonic sound waves and vibration technology, is effective in turning away snakes, gophers, moles, and mouse
  • It works on any lawn or garden
  • With solar panel, it can be charged by solar energy
  • Really convenient and environmentally friendly
  • No need to use poison or chemical
  • It is harmless to the environment, humans and pets
  • Suitable for outdoor pest control in open patio, lawn and garden
  • No Maintenance
  • No Mess


  • Solar panel: 4.5V / 45mAh 
  • Effective range: 625 square meters / 6.727 squeare feet
  • Frequency: 400 - 1000Hz
  • Rechargeable battery: 1.2V / 800mAh Ni-Cd battery

14 Reviews

Betty W.

Verified purchase

These are the best! I strive to use non-toxic che I also in my yard because of my dogs. These are the perfect solution! I just put these where most of the holes are. At first, a couple of new holes popped up, but days later i've notice that all of the pest just dug their way out of my lawn, now i can say that my lawn doesn't have to get destroyed anymore, definitely will purchase again!


Daniel C.

Verified purchase

Buying the 2 pack was definitely enough for my front lawn to get rid of all of the pests that were damaging my plants, must wait 2 weeks to fully see results, a few new holes may pop up, but don't be afraid for they are digging their way out of my lawn! Great purchase!


Jane P.

Verified purchase

I've always been working on my garden for a while, with having a bunch of kids and pets running all over the place, i'm glad to know that they'll be safe from all of the pests that may cause harm to them, it took about 2 weeks to fully lure out the pests from my garden. I now can enjoy the peace of my kids and pets running around the garden!


Peter B.

Verified purchase

After previously dealing with lest damaging my garden, I decided to invest in a set of these this year to see if they helped. Since placing them around my garden, I am pleased to say that I have not had any issues with pest since! Hope to see this continue throughout the summer.


Ann D.

Verified purchase

We had a terrible time with moles this year. Our typical home remedy of garden hose + dish soap was only effective short-term. Every time we chased them off, they'd return a week or two later. Now we have these things nestled in their old mounds. It has been several weeks now without a new mole mound.


Charles M.

Verified purchase

Easy to install and it worked like a charm . This product does exactly what it says it will do! We had a mole problem in our backyard and these pesky rodents can destroy your lawn, we thought about setting traps and using baits to get rid of them but instead installs these and within days they were gone.


Maria S.

Verified purchase

I have noticed that the chipmunks in my yard have been more bold when it comes to digging up my young plants that I recently planted. I don't want to use chemicals or have dead animals around my house. The Solar Mole Repellents are very easy to use. Just take them out of the box, turn the switch button to "on", and stick them in the ground where you don't want to see animals digging. The buzzing sound is low and brief, noticeable but not intrusive. In the first few days of powering up the solar panels, I have not seen any of my plants uprooted. I do not see the chipmunks as frequently as I did, so I am assuming they are in another part of the yard for now. The four poles are easy to use and are no more distracting in a landscape than a solar light post of a similar size.


Cindy T.

Verified purchase

WOW, WOW, WOW! These really work! My husband and son had great laughs about me being sold snake oil, but they are believers now, and my son even told me I had to post a review! We have had trouble with moles since moving here 5 years ago. Not only have they wreaked havoc on our lawn, but our dogs are constantly digging trenches to try to catch them. In those 5 years, they did manage to catch and kill one...just one. I have tried everything to get rid of them, including grub killer granules, spray, and getting quotes from Critter Control (equivalent to the price of a new car). Within days of putting them in the yard, the dogs brought me a dead mole. My husband and son joked about the "coincidence" that the tiny beep drove the mole insane. Four days later, a second mole turned up dead. Hmm...maybe there's something to this, they thought, but still were doubters. By the time we found a third dead mole within two weeks of putting out the stakes, they were convinced. "WOW, WOW, WOW!" were my husband's words. The stakes are only supposed to repel the moles by the vibrations in the ground mimicking other moles. I assume, they were driven above ground and that's when my dogs got them. So I'm hoping more of them have run away with no plans to return!


Olivia L.

Verified purchase

My husband has a large garden operation in our backyard and has always had issues with squirrels, moles, etc., digging up his fruits and vegetables and we have tried for a while now to find a way to prevent it. However, we take a very organic, natural philosophy when it comes to our garden and lifestyle and did not want to use poisonous, harmful sprays. After nothing was working, we did some research and found this product.

I am extremely happy with the price point and results- well worth the purchase. I love that it is solar-powered so we save on power and is better for the environment. It is safe with our dogs, children and will not harm the critters that surround our area. I am so glad we found this alternative. Five Stars for sure.


Emma F.

Verified purchase

I bought this product to help keep the moles out of the garden that I have in my back yard.I did not want to use to poison to kill the pests that was invading my garden and have to clean up dead rodents so I thought I would give this a try and I really love it,. This product is run off of solar power so you do not have to worry about the battery going dead. This product is also water resistant so if it comes a shower it will not hurt the product.


Harry V.

Verified purchase

These mole and snake repellers are giving me so much more peace of mind that my dogs are safer in the yard and so are my plants. I appreciate that My Belief Supply makes its products humane so it doesn’t hurt any creatures - it just deters the pesky ones from taking up residence in my space. They’re sturdy, aesthetically pleasant, and solar charged (environmentally friendly). 


Christian P.

Verified purchase

I never used these before, but after moving to NC and hearing that vermin are rampant in the area, these repellers were exactly what I needed. These are nice. I'm not sure how well they will work yet, but the instructions were very easy to follow for a newbie like me, they all turned on with no problems, and are not an eyesore. I love how you only really need to stake them in they yard and then forget about them. Takes some work to dig a hole for each one, but after that they are basically zero maintenance.


Chloe G.

Verified purchase

They stay charged for a long time and even if it isn't sunny they still manage to fuel up. They also came pre-charged. Quality of product is good - doesn't look cheap. Pretty sturdy. Can be easily installed. The color goes well with the grass/backyard.


Robert W.

Verified purchase

Bought this for my uncle that has a house and had multiples issues in the garden full of moles. So far working is great and doing its job. Is great that is solar and he doesn't need to run any wires to make them work. A big plus is that is not chemical products, so it won't be an issue with his small daughter that plays in the backyard. An overall great product that solves an issue without causing others.