Easy Flip Spatula

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"The best statement you can say about any product is that they just work! That's exactly what this thing do and it is a "must have" tool in everyone's kitchen. Especially like it for that first flip of a grilled sandwich to keep the stuff inside, even works with turning a fried eggwith the forked half fitting neatly around the yoke. What a kick! Great." - Amelia N., NM

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  • Easy Flip Spatula makes flipping and gripping foods easy
  • This tool is made of high-quality silicone, which is durable as serving tongs, bread stapler, and beefsteak tongs clip
  • One-piece design makes it unique and convenient to use
  • Wide mouth clamp can easily grip no matter small or big, perfect as serving tongs, cooking tongs, grilling tongs, slotted egg fish turner spatula tongs, bread clamp, beef steak turner/flipper
  • The ergonomic handle makes you feel comfortable every time you cook
  • Dishwasher safe and ideal for non-stick pans
  • Made of food-grade materials, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly


  • Dimensions: 12 inch (25.5 cm) x 3.3 inch (8.5 cm)

10 Reviews

Mason T.

Verified purchase

I have grown very fond of this kitchen tool . I'm a gadget guy and use my NUWave Oven frequently. This is great for that. It's good for pancakes, omelettes and more. And I seem to find more uses weekly. I will be ordering more as I cook for seniors on certain events. Try it you won't be sorry. Simple and genius!


Grace A.

Verified purchase

AH!!!! How handy is this! Love it. I have carpal tunnel AND I'm a terrible aim so flipping stuff in a pan is always a disaster for me. No more! Best tool!


Jack O.

Verified purchase

It works really well. I am currently doing the keto diet and I eat a lot of eggs. I also break a lot yolks which I dont like me eggs like that. I used these and no broken yolks. I also used these on burgers in my air fryer and when I took the burgers out with cheese on them the cheese state on the burger not the spatula. Great!


Claire B.

Verified purchase

Love it. I didn't quite know how useful it will be, was curious and bought. Detter than I expected and I will use this spatula often. A friend was here while I was cooking, she was impressed with this spatula and wanted one too. Highly recommend!


Anna G.

Verified purchase

They work great for flipping eggs and anything else you want! No more broken yolks! While cooking bacon, you can pick up multiple pieces at a time, and flip them. Flipping fish is not a problem too. Great!


Gabriella O.

Verified purchase

I have a hard time cooking things I don't like and I don't like over easy eggs. Consequently for years I couldn't make my husbands favorite style of eggs...over easy. This spatula made me his breakfast hero as I can now make perfect over easy eggs. My 11 year old grandson is learning to cook his breakfast and likes over easy so I bought one for him and quickly trained him on how to use it. Of course you can use it for other things, like grilled cheese sandwiches. I also bought one for a friend. I recommend this!


Henry T.

Verified purchase

I bought these to make eggs and turn over large grilled sandwiches so all the ingredients wouldn’t fall out while turning and I wouldn’t need to touch the sandwiches! Works perfectly!


Nicholas T.

Verified purchase

I bought these to turn pork chops and eggs while frying. It's perfect for that and for steaks and burgers on the grill when you do not want to pierce the meat. Great!


Scarlett D.

Verified purchase

Trusty silicone turner! Durable too! Don't let its big turner and seemingly short handle fool you! It is actually the perfect size! My mom borrowed it for some intense use (eggs, saute vegetables, fried rice, and even grilling salmon) and she loved how it held up. Definitely will get it again!


Kendall A.

Verified purchase

This spatula is great, particularly for fried eggs. The silicone does a great job of not sticking to food. In fact, when I first bought it, I had trouble flipping eggs because the eggs would slide right off the spatula. It has never warped, melted, or otherwise deformed when used on very hot skillets. This and a slotted spatula take care of 100% of my spatula-related needs!