Spitfire Air Vent Freshener

$19.90 $89.99

"This B E A U T I F U L new propeller air freshener from My Belief Supply comes in a small, sweet and smart round box. The refillable "sea" scent smells incredible and the intuitive design really helps to spread clean sea air around the space it's in. This little product is great value for money as it works for freshening up your car when attached to the ACU or even on your office fan. Thrilled with this product! A must buy and I would definitely recommend this to others." - James W., TX 

Get a great discount on our Spitfire Air Vent Freshener while the NEW YEAR SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $89.99.


  • Spitfire propeller design
  • The propeller spins automatically when you turn on your car A/C at a wind speed of 3m/s
  • Eliminates unwanted odor and creates an inviting aroma in your car which can also relieve your stress and fatigue


  • 1x Spitfire Air Vent Freshener
  • 1x Perfume tablet


16 Reviews

Randy T.

Verified purchase

Wow this is absolutely fantastic. I love the concept of this air freshener, not only does it amaze people, it also actually works. The blades propell pretty easily. I turned my fan settings to 1 and it managed to get the blades spinning to a speed that was able to diffuse the smell around the car in a minute or two. I will try to add drops of my own essential oils to see how good it works. Love it!


Aaron Y.

Verified purchase

This product is great! Easy to assemble, the clip stays attached to the vent and it does a great job eliminating unwanted odors, keeping my car smelling fresh all the time! Every car owner should have this.


Richard I.

Verified purchase

I am a truck driver and being on the road for a long period of time can be stressful and tiring. At times I get headache so I either take some meds which makes me feel drowsy or just endure the pain until I get to my destination. Fortunately, I found this auto air vent freshener. These car fresheners keeps me stress free all day! I am a very satisfied customer.


Daniel T.

Verified purchase

It looks great, very stylish, I really like the look it adds to my car but that was just a plus. The main purpose was to keep my car smelling fresh which it does and the most amazing part is how it keeps me relaxed. I used to get home feeling very tired until I started using this. I will get more for my parents


Sally M.

Verified purchase

No more disposable air freshener or liquid ones which I sometimes drop. It's easy to use and the perfume tablet is easy to replace. The aroma doesn't just keep my car smelling great, it also keeps me and my passengers stress free! Awesome invention! 


Christian F.

Verified purchase

Awesome! No batteries or cords, just turn on fan or ac/heat in your car and the car starts smelling great! Love it!


Jasmine P.

Verified purchase

This will keep you car smelling fresh and save you a lot of money in the long run by not repeatedly buying cheap disposable fresheners! Also, better for the environment and stylish!!!


Theresa H.

Verified purchase

Very good quality and awesome design. I love that it looks like a cool car decor, who would have thought it's an air freshener. Now my car not only smells great, it also looks awesome!


Marlene S.

Verified purchase

Love these car vent fans. I got two of them. They look great when the a/c is on and they spin. Not too much fragrance from the air freshener which is great as it keeps my car fresh with just the right amount of perfume.


Frank A.

Verified purchase

Almost everyone plays with it and asks me where did I get it. Although it's more like a decoration than an air freshener it does its job keeping my car smelling great. ​​​​A tablet last a long time so it saves me a lot of money.


Ruby C.

Verified purchase

Very impressed by the quality of workmanship. We'll balanced blades. Looks cool on my vent spining. The I've had it for 2 weeks(I haven't replaced the fragrance tablet yet) now and it still keeps the air in my car smelling great and relaxing. 


Carlos W.

Verified purchase

 It works perfectly. Speeds up the higher you turn the air up. A lot of fun, Looks cool too. My wife loves the smell of the car and our son loves to play with it.


Charlie N.

Verified purchase

These prop spinner air fresheners are down right fun. As a retired air traffic controller and retired airline pilot I really enjoy the heck out of them but anyone would enjoy the spinning prop. Great air freshener.


Jerry I.

Verified purchase

You probably shouldn't get excited about a car air freshener however unpack the display box and it is impossible not no be impressed with what you've got. I am so pleased it is in a class of its own



Norman P.

Verified purchase

When I first opened the box, which is cool by itself, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the main body of the diffuser was metal, and of a substantial quality.
I have an old Jag, and my friends have all commented that it looks as though it should be there on the dashboard. Excellent bit of out at a very reasonable price for the quality of the product.


Zack J.

Verified purchase

Simply the best car air freshener I’ve ever bought!! Easy to install and add my own essential oils. The propeller fills my car with the scent properly unlike some I have bought.