Professional UV Stain Detector

$29.90 $109.99

"Think you keep a clean house? Bathroom sanitized? Food-prep areas spotless? Walls and door handles wiped regularly? Yeah, I thought so, too, until I shone one of these babies around my house in the dark. I. Was. Horrified. The stains, the invisible stains! What looked like a sparkling clean white toilet area was...not. This thing will highlight everything from a tiny little speck you missed while cleaning to large invisible stains you didn’t even know where there. You’ll find yourself spending a lot of time with the blacklight in one hand and the cleanser in the it’s up to you whether you want to see what’s really lurking in your house or not." - Mia T., AR

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  • UV flashlight helps detect bodily fluid stains on hotel sheets, food stains and pet urine stains on rugs, carpets, and clothes that are otherwise invisible to the naked Eye
  • The perfect gadget for finding lice, eggs, bedbugs, and scorpions
  • Reveals fluorescent agents that are harmful to the health
  • The strong aluminum alloy body makes this product durable and long-lasting
  • Whether on a business trip or a camping trip, it's an essential travel companion.


  • Dimensions: 3.45 x 0.98 x 0.98 inch
  • Voltage: 3.6 - 4.2 v
  • Power: 3 x AAA battery


21 Reviews

Laura P.

Verified purchase

Our little guy is in BIG TROUBLE! Found out he seems to think that the entire house is "his territory" another great use for the light I found was cleaning out bathroom... I had NO IDEA our walls had so much urine on them. You have not cleaned till you cleaned by this UV light!!!! I totally recommend this light!


Barbara I.

Verified purchase

Uh puke. This is a GREAT product. It works really well. Too well. After using this, I'm grossed out to walk barefoot. Check out my photo!!! I have a dog and a toddler. The 2 of them make quite the messy pair. My husband and I diligently clean every time there is a mess. But after using this, it's obvious where we still need to clean.


Robert W.

Verified purchase

Okay, so, this flashlight seems like it cost under thirty bucks, but really, it cost me EIGHT GRAND because by using it as directed (in the dark) I discovered beyond a doubt that the carpet in house we just bought was covered in cat pee and it all had to be replaced! So, use with caution!

That being said, I am relieved that we found the extent of the problem and fixed it. Just be sure you want to know the truth!


Jessica L.

Verified purchase

I included 3 pics - 1 without the UV light and the other 2 are of the two puddles of dog pee found under the light IN AFTERNOON DAYLIGHT AT THAT! You need this....especially when u recently adopted a 10 month young rescue puppy who's raising hell all throughout your apartment!


Joseph Y.

Verified purchase

This is either totally brilliant or super-scary - depending on what you find! One of our cats did a wee in the lounge and this was great at identifying where he had gone. We were then able to clear it up easily. The children then went round the house identifying other areas of concern... One was clearly a spot where a pot of paint had been dropped, but it gave the same result as urine. We found lots of other mystery spots too! Aargh - now need to buy more carpet cleaner, LOL!


Gladys R.

Verified purchase

We have various stray cats that visit our home, eat our cat's food and then departs after spraying in various places. This handheld UV flashlight is amazing, used it the evening of receiving it, and we immediately saw spray marks on cupboards, fridge, freezer and walls etc. Just disgusting. Had to immediately do some cleaning.


Nancy T.

Verified purchase

This multipurpose handheld UV flashlight worked great when we used it last month to clean our newly purchased house. I had to buy more and give them to my mom, mother-in-law, and my dear sister because I know they hate the smell of dog urine but love dogs. My husband also uses one to check money and make sure that he is not paid with a counterfeit.


Kimberly L.

Verified purchase

Just what I needed. We have a scorpion problem in our neighborhood and this little uv flashlight keeps us safe. We always bring this with us when we go out so that we won't miss those scorpions and so far this has never let us down, we always find any scorpions that get's in our garden.


Kenneth W.

Verified purchase

I hate bedbugs and scorpions! This has helped me find those pests this past week. This scorpion was one of the few that we found in our backyard. Now I feel comfortable enough to let my kids play outside.


Rachel E.

Verified purchase

I'm very happy that found this UV flashlight. Not only does it help me ensure that my whole house is clean, it also makes cleaning the house fund for my kids. Because of this my 5 and 8 year old enjoys looking for areas to clean.


Alexandra W.

Verified purchase

Sturdily built, effective, and fun to use. I felt like I was in an episode of CSI when I was searching out places my cat likes to secretly pee. Your secret is out Spider. Apparently you pee everywhere. I still love you. And this flashlight. 


Amanda J.

Verified purchase

Does help a lot in keeping our house free from unwanted odor. It easily detects urine, stains and even bedbugs! This little flashlight is a great invention. I also like the size, makes it easy to keep in my pouch, even in my pocket.


Diane S.

Verified purchase

Bought this as a new puppy owner and used to find poops in back garden at night, or accidents on the floor indoors. Works great and the button at the base has a satisfactory feel to it when turning on and off.


Lori H.

Verified purchase

I bought these to turn my classroom into a glow room and they worked very well. The straps made it very simple to hang them from the ceiling. I was a bit worried they wouldn't cover enough space but they worked just fine. I also had to get the janitor cleaning again before we use the classroom since the UV light revealed areas with stains.


Randy U.

Verified purchase

Just want to say that this product is one of the best deal offers I've seen on the internet. UV lights are in perfect condition, very well packaged. Tested each UV  of the 3 flashlights that I bought and they all worked perfectly. Being a 30 year security professional and independent contractor for the executive protection field I will be utilizing each light as tools for verifying ID's, as I have tested each light on my own drivers license, the hidden photo on back appeared along with the hidden emblem on the front. I will be placing more orders for each of my team members as soon as I finish this review. I recommend all security professionals get these while they're available!


Logan W.

Verified purchase

UV flashlights with nine led lights. It runs on three tripple A batteries. I shine it on my feet in the dark to see the fungus trying to get a hold on my toes. Plus I check my hearing aids inorder to keep them clean in the dark. Also I just check wherever I can with the light on my body. It is an interesting experience. I can feel the light on my skin as I move the light over it.


Robert E.

Verified purchase

Brilliantly made flashlight. I finally found the reason why our living room stink. Cleaned it right away and what a relief. This is my new favorite gadget.


Vincent S.

Verified purchase

The UV light works great. It has help up to my expectations. I always bring this with me because it helps a lot when I check paintings, documents, cash etc that people bring in our pawnshop. Small price for a great piece!


Rose D.

Verified purchase

Authenticating cards has never been this easy. I love this flashlight, it makes my job easier and worry free. No more fake cards, IDs, cash etc. 


Tiffany J.

Verified purchase

For the price, these little flashlights do the trick. I received a few EUR bills from my aunt and I thought it was a prank until I used this flashlight. Lol the joke was on me.


Jane S.

Verified purchase

We’ve recently got another cat which has led to our current one spraying occasionally. I purchased the flashlight as I couldn’t seem to get rid of the smell. The UV light quickly enabled me to find the dry urine and deal with the problem. I’ve also used it to look around our toilet which will now be getting a very thorough cleaning!