Identity Theft Protection Stamp

$29.90 $109.99

"My wife is very particular about covering up any kind of personal data before it gets tossed. We try to shred everything but sometimes that's just a bit too much. When I saw this I got them right away. They work great! They really cover the details. I'm very happy with this purchase." - Francis V., MN 

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  • The advanced roller cartridge lets you easily mask over long lines of text in a single stroke
  • Eliminates the need for an expensive shredder but it can be also be used in conjunction with a shredder for added security
  • This is a self-inking identity stamp designed with a special pattern to hide confidential information printed or handwritten on mails, credit card offers, bills, prescriptions and more
  • This stamp is made of high-quality materials that are durable, efficient and has a tight advanced blackout stamp weave technology 


  • Dimensions: 2.9 x 1.8 x 1.5 inch
  • Weight: 1.4 oz
  • Printing Width: 0.59 inch 


12 Reviews

Vincent G.

Verified purchase

Very happy with my stamp. I had boxes of mail that I was afraid to discard because of identity theft. So, I held on to them waiting for the community shred event to come to my neighborhood. So did everyone else...the line was so long, I left and returned home with boxes of mail to be shredded. Luckily, I saw this roller stamp. It works like a charm, especially on prescription bottles. You can not see any personal information at all. Now when I open my mail I just roll the stamp and toss the mail in the trash. 


Leslie E.

Verified purchase

This is one of my favorite finds. It’s so easy to use and works so well. No more peeling off medication labels and getting my shredder all gummy. I highly recommend this product. 


Alicia N.

Verified purchase

I love this little roller. It's a wonderful option as opposed to a shredder that would not only take up space, but would also be one more thing to empty out, and would consume electricity. I always spend more time than necessary trying to tear off personal info into tiny jigsaw pieces on mail I don't want floating around in the universe and this has reduced my time significantly. I have used it on prescription bottles, junk mail, and anything else I deem as 'sensitive material' like those credit card offers. The stamp is a super dark black ink that covers really well and dries quickly. I highly recommend this little gem.


Clarence F.

Verified purchase

I get a ton of unwanted junk mail, and I don't like putting my address into the trash, so I cut all my addresses and names off the the mail and throw into the fireplace to burn them up. I used to shred them, which still takes time and effort and sends a ton of dust into the air. These stamps work extremely well, are clean, and are going to save me a ton of time! Very thankful to have found these!


Miriam D.

Verified purchase

Bought these a while ago and my husband and I both use them to block out names and bar codes rather than shred everything. It covers very well and when held up to the light nothing is legible. Our personal information are safe!


Beatrice K.

Verified purchase

Easy way to "black-out" your information on mail and prescription bottles! Very good price, and very easy to use!!! I shred everything because of identity theft issues nowadays but now I got this all I need to do is roll this stamp. 


Patricia H.

Verified purchase

This product is genius. I was getting really tired tearing up my documents into little pieces. I randomly came across this stamp thing and I'm so happy I did. It literally and perfectly covers every word. Totally recommend.


Tasha H.

Verified purchase

Better than using a thick permanent marker. You only have to roll it once and it covers your information perfectly. Typically with a marker you may have to strike out labels more than once and even then you can still see your name or info underneath. This totally takes care of that problem.


William J.

Verified purchase

This product is absolutely invaluable when you are deployed overseas. I have mail sent to me and some of it is personally sensitive. I don't have ready access to a shredder. So, I use this product then toss my document in recycling or garbage. You can't see any text this roller covers, period. Perfect size for travel.


Amber D.

Verified purchase

Simple to use, effective at covering your personal information. We use this on every piece of mail that goes into the recycle bin. The pre-inked roller lasts a very long time. Had it about a year and it's still going strong.


Faith L.

Verified purchase

This is great for all the unwanted mail you get that has your personal information on it. When I sit down with my mail I have this right next to me. Destroys information in one swift move. I even bought one for my daughter. I highly recommend.


Josie R.

Verified purchase

This little device will obliterate your address from any sort of mail in an instant, before you toss it into the recycling bin. This replaces having to remove the addresses and running them through the shredder. The cost is cheap and I'll be ordering more and sending some to my friends and relatives, also. Highly recommend this product. It saves tons of time and effort.