Portable Garment Steamer

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 "This is the best steamer for clothes I ever used! I like the light weight, long cord, it sits nicely in hands, steaming works very well and what's very important for me is it's NOT LEAKING! I had bad experience with portable clothes steamers and for a long time was looking for some good one and finally found it!! - Mary R., OH 

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  • Your professional ironing assistant always by your side.
  • Steam is tough with wrinkles and gentle with silk.
  • Remove odors from stored clothes and refresh them.
  • Heats up in seconds, it is small, light and easy to use.
  • It is an ideal travel companion etc.


  • Dimensions11.81 x 7.87 x 3.94 inch
  • Weight: 28.2 oz


15 Reviews

Mary R.

Verified purchase

This is the best steamer for clothes I ever used! I like the light weight, long cord, it sits nicely in hands, steaming works very well and what's very important for me is it's NOT LEAKING! I had bad experience with portable clothes steamers and for a long time was looking for some good one and finally found it!!


Joanna K.

Verified purchase

This is a truly amazing mini steamer. I've had a few over the past years and this one is the best one I have ever purchased. It's incredibly easy to use and like the description says it does not spit water early trails which is one huge issue I had with my past mini steamers. I can't tell you how often I end up wearing something at the very last moment I realize it's got a couple bad wrinkles in a mini steamer saves so much time. I love the way this looks and I love how easy to use it is. I would without a doubt highly recommend this steamer. BEST ONE YET!!


Linda A.

Verified purchase

Went on vacation and bought this mini steamer. It is the most amazing thing I have ever bought! It took out all the wrinkles on my tee shirts and my shorts. I am so impressed with it I am buying 2 more (one for each of my daughter in laws) The clothes were not wet when I finished and there was no dripping water as I was steaming. Cannot go wrong purchasing this product!!!!!!!!


Peggy F.

Verified purchase

I have been on the market for a portable steamer for a loooong time, but never found something light, portable, durable and affordable - until this little thing came along! I’m a member of a dance company and no matter how well you iron the costumes before heading to performance, by the time you arrive, something is definitely wrinkled! Unless you brought an iron with you (ugh, no!), there was no way to fix this. Now, with this little steamer i’m sure all our wrinkle-related worries are solved, it is perfect for quick touch-ups! This morning I tried it really quick on my blouse before rushing to work, and it worked like a charm! 


Nakia S.

Verified purchase

My Husband travels alot and wears linen. It was a must to find a steamer that would steam the wrinkles out of his linen clothes. This steamer did the trick...and he did it while the shirt was hanging upright. It did not leak, spill or spit water from it. If you are looking for a mini steamer this one will meet your needs.


Jason B.

Verified purchase

I travel all over the world for work and outside the US a lot of places don't have irons or boards. I didn't want to travel with tiny iron that gets to one temp (room temp or clothing ruining hot) so I was really out of ideas. That is, until, I found this little beauty. It takes out more than enough wrinkles in my suit jackets, pants and shirts to be presentable. You aren't going to get the perfect flat crisp looks of an iron, but this is pretty darn close. And it's easier. Just hang and it up and move the steamer across the clothing. I've seen no leaks and water drops anywhere yet. It does need refilled often, maybe once every few minutes, but it isn't that bad for what you get. And it fits inside a carry on well without taking up much space or weight.


Mason H.

Verified purchase

I would never ever thought this small fabric steamer, would replace my ironing board., this just works incredibly well, and very fast to heat up and does a great job streaming shirts and pants while on the hanger and bad took only seconds to get massive wrinkles out, and doesn't spits out hot water like other do..it comes with a brush attachment to that can come in handy.

overall it's small so it's convinent to take anywhere if you want to use it when go out for travel..I would definitely recommend this portable steamer to anyone !

- Excellent for travel
- Small but very effective
- Warms up fast
- It comes with a brush
- High quality


Dee S.

Verified purchase

I liked this steamer so much, I bought another for my daughter for her upcoming trip. When I bought the first, I was hoping to get away from having to iron a pair of linen slacks. I hate ironing but love the slacks. This steamer does a perfect job in less time than the iron takes. I have since used it to spruce up items from suitcases. Takes no time at all to have all my packed clothing hanging ready in the hotel closet. AND, this steamer really does work horizontally as well as vertically.


Emily T.

Verified purchase

Very nice steamer for clothes, it's very compact and easy to use. It does such a good job with leaving the clothes wrinkle free. It has a long cord which is really nice, you don't have to do it right by a plug. Overall I really like this product and recommend it.


Ken S.

Verified purchase

There is nothing more space saving than this little steamer, especially when it comes to removing wrinkles in a small Space where i live.its perfect for travelling and is powerful enough to actually get the job done. The instructions say to wait two minutes for the steam to start up, but usually takes less time than that. Its very easy to use, you just turn it on and wait for the steam to come out. I don't think anyone can go wrong with this item. Good for a traveler or a college kid who is low on space, especially busy parents on the go.

Its compact, heats up fast, efficient, and gets every wrinkle out. My husband never irons, but since I purchased this steamer and now loves to steam his own clothes, so its a win win situation for me.


Cindy K.

Verified purchase

My husband has a favorite shirt; taking it to the cleaners 10 miles away has been a big pain. And, I have 2 beautifully embroidered shirts, none of these belong in a dryer, so when they come out of the wash, hanging them to dry doesn't do a thing for the wrinkles. so, I got this little hand steamer and immediately did 3 shirts. worked wonderfully. The one and only thing I worry about is the plug over the water tank....have to be really careful, its very soft rubber. all in all...its actually fun. I'm releived too. It's fast easy and Im going through my closet!!!! A plus!


Elena V.

Verified purchase

I purchased this a few weeks ago specifically to use for my on- location wedding. I've never owned a steamer or used one before, but knew it would be the most practical and stress- free option for my wedding day. I looked at several different models on internet, read tons of reviews, watched a bunch of videos on YouTube and finally decided on the My Belief Supply steamer. The most important requirements for me were: small and light to pack in my luggage, quick to heat up, easy to use, no dripping water, at a good price.

3 weeks on, I am extremely happy with the product. It heats up lightning quick and is really easy to use. I have ended up using the brush attachment for most of my applications, though without, it works just as well. We used it to steam my wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, groom's outfit, and even T-shirts, jeans, basically everything we packed that got crinkly. I personally am not a fan of regular ironing as it is really fussy, but post wedding, this steamer has proven to be a godsend for regular day to day garment too. I've even used it on dryclean only heavy winter coats just to give them some freshness. I would recommend this item.


Susan B.

Verified purchase

I love the small size and weight this product has. Use it at home or use it when you travel fits nicely in your suit case.. The tank of water lasts 10-15 minutes. No water splattering everywhere.Easy to use.Does not take long to heat up less than 20seconds. Long cord. I give this a 5 star, in need of a steamer this is it.


Judy J.

Verified purchase

This steamer is ideal for quick ironing, cleaning both at home and during travel. It is very light, compact, easy to use. There is a special nozzle - a brush that helps to do dry cleaning of complex things (for example, clean the baby carriage or chairs in the car). In addition to this thing there is a lifetime warranty! I loved it. Must have!


Anastasia V.

Verified purchase

I love this thing It is great for quick steam. This is such a great price, compact and easy to use. It becomes hot in about a minute! Also, it fits in my luggage and doesn't take up much space.