Super Sticky Washable Roller Cleaner

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 "This super sticky roller cleaner does a great job with any little bits and pieces on clothing or furniture. Lint, hair, and cat fur be gone. Easy to rub clean with a little warm water at the faucet."- Susan R., PA

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  • A perfect cleaning system for all your household needs.
  • Has the power of super glue and removes lint, cat hair, dog hair, crumbs, and more within just a few minutes
  • Safe to use on all different types of fabrics and can be used to clean furniture, comforters, clothing, floors, spills and even the upholstery of your vehicle
  • Reusable, washable roller
  • Quality material with a sturdy handle allows tons of use without wearing out or becoming ineffective


21 Reviews

Christine I.

Verified purchase

Works great! Definitely super sticky, removes dirt, lint, even my cat's fur in just one roll. Easy to clean too, just remove the roller and wash with warm water then dry and it's super sticky once more.


Jason S.

Verified purchase

Awesome car chair cleaner! I simply roll it on areas I want to clean. I'm pleasantly surprised how well this works! Cleaning is pretty easy, all you need is a little hand-soap and some water and the scuzz washes right off, pat dry with a towel and it immediately becomes adherent again!


Michelle Y.

Verified purchase

I'm very pleased  with this roller. I no longer need to spend a lot of time and effort to remove hair, fluff, lint, even dust on my clothes and sofa. Brilliant!


Emma C.

Verified purchase

Excellent unique product that performs perfectly for both lint, cat hair, dog fur etc. Rinses quickly and is ready for re-use. I highly recommend this!


Hailey P.

Verified purchase

Fabulous! I will be ordering another. I have a cat which is a hair mfg. plant. If you have ever tried to keep your cat out of your favorite chair you know what I mean. This works wonders. Thank you.


Arriana T.

Verified purchase

I've been using them for years. The sticky roller works so well and becomes sticky again after wash. The handle is strong that never seem to break! Good stuff!


Sarah M.

Verified purchase

Great product. Does a good job of taking off hair and lint from clothing and furnitures. Easy to wash, but be somewhat gentle when you scrub it. I'm never gonna be without one of these.


Robert N.

Verified purchase

This actually works. My pug sheds endlessly and these are amazing. You do have to rinse with warm water to remove the lint, but it comes off perfectly and remains completely sticky! I also use this on my clothing and car chairs.


Isabelle H.

Verified purchase

I like this Super sticky roller, it Gets the Job Done. I'm glad I bought it. I'm very Pleased with it it is worth the Money!


Cora W.

Verified purchase

I do not have any pet, so I don't need to worry about animal hair. However, I always keep a roller remover at home for the fluffs of my pants. This one is pretty good. I recommend using a little bit of soap when you wash it after it was used. The fluffs will come off easy. Highly recommended!


Reagan T.

Verified purchase

 I have 3 cats that shed horribly and 4 birds that constantly lose little fluffy feathers.I was tired of buying lint rollers and the refills. One pass down a pant leg and I would have to rip off the paper for a new sheet. This picks up hair, feathers, strings, fuzz, etc easily and all I have to do is rinse it, shake most of the water off it, and it's good to be used again. It's also great for using on flat surfaces because of how the handle is placed. I've used it on my couch, seats in my car, and chairs. 


Alice F.

Verified purchase

I was not happy with the amount of waste you get from disposable lint rollers, so I decided to try these. They do a good job removing lint. Works great, and you don't have so much waste. I didn't have any trouble cleaning these. I put them under running water and lightly brushed away the lint with my finger.


Alexa J.

Verified purchase

BEST INVESTMENT if you have pets and can't stand dog/pet hairs on your bed, couch, car or clothes. This super sticky lint roller is reusable. It gets almost all dog hair in one daily swipe. So it works for what I need. Great for daily use. I purchased two and gave one to my sister.


Bella K.

Verified purchase

This is such an awesome product! Especially for the price. For me, I do a lot of laundry and I have pets that shed a lot so this is so helpful and cost efficient. Water will take most of  the lint, fur, hair and dirt that it gathers. I’m very pleased with this product. I would definitely buy this again!


Nicole A.

Verified purchase

First off, this is awesome. I have cats in my house, so that means there is hair on every piece of furniture and clothing I have. It is really sticky and collects every piece of hair and lint in its path. Cleanup is a cinch---just put a little bit of liquid soap on it, rub it in, and everything will rinse right off under the faucet.


Anna R.

Verified purchase

I have a very furry cat and these super sticky rollers are great for cleaning them off my clothes before I leave the house. I keep one in my work bag. Like another review said, the key is using SOAP and wash. I really like these which you can reuse over and over again.


Justin L.

Verified purchase

I am very happy with these rollers! We have been using them for a couple weeks now and have washed them 3-4 times and they still work great. They are easy to use, take off quite a bit at one time and then I rinse or wash with a dab of dish soap and let it dry. I put the little plastic sheet back on it when not in use and it's ready to go for the next go round! Better than having to constantly buy and tear off the paper rollers! Thanks!


Caroline P.

Verified purchase

We have a white dog and white cat, both which constantly shed. I had some items of clothes I pretty much gave up on because they were constantly covered in hair, even fresh from the wash. These rollers work great to pick clean up the hair and lint. Plus they are reusable! I've been using them for about three weeks and so far so good. They rinse easily and then shake them dry or quickly pat them dry to keep using them.


Mindy W.

Verified purchase

They’re exactly what you’d expect. They do well in regards to lint from the clothing itself and animal fur as well. Easy to clean too. All in all very worth while purchase to have one in the car one at home and one at each job.


Claire H.

Verified purchase

I love this product and recommend it over any other 'type' of pet hair remover for cloths, furniture, cars etc. I have 3 Siberian husky's and one that is 1/2 malamute...Beautiful, but she sheds quite a bit. I would definitely buy this product again and give some to my mom and brother who are both dog lovers too!!!


Carol T.

Verified purchase

I love these reusable super sticky rollers!!! They're convenient, easy to clean, and more cost efficient than buying disposable ones. I have 2 cats and a dog, so my clothes pick up plenty of hair. These rollers are a lifesaver!