Sun Visor Phone Holder

$19.90 $89.99

"I’m always driving to various places and need to use the gps on my phone, but I had no place to put my phone. I always had to place my phone in my cup holder. However, now I can still keep an eye on the road while checking the gps. It’s extremely useful and a lot safer than having to look down to check my phone!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!" -  George T., OH

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  • Keeps your smartphone at eye level without blocking the driving view
  • Supports either landscape or portrait orientation
  • The holder's arm is adjustable to a preferred viewing angle
  • Compatible with all smartphones even with thick cases
  • No tools required when installing


  • Length: 12 cm (4.7 inch)
  • For Phone Width: 5 cm (2 inch) to 9 cm (3.5 inch)

12 Reviews

Joshua V.

Verified purchase

This is "All that" and more! I LOVE this little device. Fits perfectly, has a strong clip for my phone, and stays steady. No glue, no suction cups, and no blocking my air vent. If you are looking for a product with no "down side" to hold your phone - this is the winner!


Helen C.

Verified purchase

Nice item to keep your smartphone (or GPS) in a convenient spot while driving. Fast shipping and a great product. Thinking about buying a second one for the backup camera monitor. Thank you for keeping me safer on the road! I love it!


John A.

Verified purchase

Works great, needed to get my GPS at eye level. Much safer than looking down at the auto center console. I'm using it all the time. Great phone holder!


Isabella A.

Verified purchase

A solution to the problem of answering the phone or using its GPS while traveling. Clips on the visor front or back and make the phone screen very easy to see and use. What more could you ask for! I am very satisfied.


William L.

Verified purchase

This little gadget was perfect for holding my phone for GPS while driving. So glad I purchased it. It has a very tight hold and it works perfect!


Matthew J.

Verified purchase

Great product. It clips on easy and puts the phone in front of me while I drive. This makes navigating easier. Best and most practical cell phone holder.


Margaret R.

Verified purchase

I was having a hard time finding a car mount that would be a good fit for my car. Stumbled upon this and I'm happy with it. My husband wants one too!


Mason T.

Verified purchase

Don't know why I waited so long to purchase one of these--it's made driving with the GPS significantly easier. The product works exactly as advertised. This keeps my phone at perfect eye level so that I can use my GPS without having to keep my phone in my hand. The mount is able to be tightened, but it isn't stiff. It's great if I need to adjust the direction that the phone is facing while driving.


Patricia A.

Verified purchase

This securely holds the phone without any additional tools required. Great way to have phone in easy reach, especially easy to see for GPS directions without taking my eyes off the road. Great phone holder!


Christopher H.

Verified purchase

I think this is the best holder for ur phone.. I'm a truck driver and its perfect for me. I am very pleased with this purchase.


Anna N.

Verified purchase

I clipped this to the end of my side visor, right near the mirror. It holds the cell phone solidly and close enough to my head so both the mic and speakerphone are in good positions, even with freeway driving noise. My phone is easy to remove and reinsert into unit. I'm very happy!


Ethan O.

Verified purchase

Very practical.  I use it primarily for GPS and watching video's when I'm parked. Its a really great product to the point where my co-worker had to get one for his vehicle.