Sushi Master

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"WOW this thing works like a charm!  Ok, so you put the rice in, stuff it with stuff, close it, do the thing it says to do - then VIOLA!!!! It poops out a perfectly formed sushi roll. WOW!  It was easy, I looked like a professional and we had lots of fun. If you like to make your own sushi, this is the easiest way to roll a fattie. It's like magic - who needs talent? It rolls a fattie better than my husband.  So much fun & So easy, even your family will be impressed with your rolling abilities." - Michelle H., CA

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  • Creates perfect cylindrical sushi rolls in a matter of minutes without much effort
  • Uses highest quality FDA approved materials so no bad and unsafe plastics will touch your food
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Pumps sushi out without blowing anything up


This nifty gadget opens up to allow you to load your sushi ingredients inside. Once you're done, close it up and push out a perfectly formed cylindrical roll with the long plunger.

From there, you could wrap the roll in seaweed or coat it with bits of seasoning, sesame seeds, fish roe or whatever tickles your creativity.


  • Weight: 6oz
  • Dimensions: 11.8inchs*2.75inchs*2.75inchs

16 Reviews

Valerie G.

Verified purchase 

Works amazing!!! I would highly recommend!! Love, love, love this device! 


Georgina S.

Verified purchase

This device is very fun to use.  Sure you could roll your sushi in the traditional manner but it would not be as cool or as pretty as this. 


Katherine R.

Verified purchase

This was bought as a gift for my daughter, who loves sushi, but was tired of paying high restaurant prices for it (MUCH cheaper to make yourself). She uses it nearly every week... and judging from the pictures, I do believe she has the hang of it 


Doris M.

Verified purchase

I'm very happy with my purchase of the Sushi Master, I made sushi for the first time today and it turned out great.  I purchased sushi rice, but any short grain rice will work. Sushi rice is extremely sticky, All the recipes I've come across call for rice vinegar, sugar, and salt in the rice. I would recommend handling it with wet hands. You open the Sushi Master, put a 1/2 cup rice in each side, use the plunger tool to make groove in the rice, fill the small groove with whatever you desire, put the cap on, twist a few times and then press the plunger in until the sushi is a firm roll (it's easy to tell when to stop pressing on the plunger, it simply won't go anymore). You take the end cap off and squeeze the roll of sushi onto a nori sheet or you can just roll the sushi in sesame seeds. I found it much easier to work with the nori if I used a spray bottle with a mist setting to get it just a bit damp. I let my sushi set for about 15 minutes before slicing (I didn't have a fancy knife, I used a butcher knife, just kept the blade wet) and it was delicious.  I would have never attempted to make sushi at home without this device. It's much cheaper too! I only spent $18 on the rice and ingredients to put in the sushi roll(s) - for about 36 pieces after slicing.

Stephanie M.

Verified purchase

The Sushi Master is not only fun and hilarious for those of us who are easily entertained but also easy to use with pretty tasty results.  Some tips: use sufficient rice, otherwise your sushi "filling" will fall apart; don't overstuff your Sushi Master; and use a sushi rice recipe for better tasting results than you would have with plain rice. If a group of adults could be so entertained by this at a dinner party , I can only imagine how much children will enjoy it as well.


Dominic T.

Verified purchase

Makes a nice roll considering I have never tried making sushi before this thing. It's inspired me to try a few new recipes. make sure you wet your knife every time when cutting 


Tiffany L.

Verified purchase

I used my new Sushi Master for the first time last night, and I was so happy with the results!  I made "Italian sushi" using sushi rice mixed with basil paste, parmesan and romano with a little milk for moisture, used roasted red peppers and strips of mozzarella as filling, and wrapped some in prosciutto and some in ham instead of nori. It was fantastic!  I couldn't have done it without this gadget- prosciutto is not easy to work with, and trying to form a roll with it would have sucked. But the Sushi Master just slid that perfect cylinder of goodness right onto the waiting meat, and from there it was rolled and ready in seconds. This totally seems like one of those gimmicky seen on TV items that is useless in reality, but it's actually really awesome. I'm glad I gave it a chance. 


Lucy P.

Verified purchase

We recently spent a "snow" day off from work and school, preparing our sushi. The rice was perfectly delicious and "sticky" and the Nori was easy to roll. Best part was the Sushi Master and how easy it really is.  Went to You-Tube and got a few pointers before we started. Moisten fingers before pressing rice into mold . Roll the prepared "roll" of sushi in saran wrap or press 'n seal and place in fridge a few minutes to make it easier to cut into "Sushi". Love it, and will use regularly.  We experimented a lot with our own ingredients and sauces. A great product.


Brian B.

Verified purchase

It's paid for itself in one meal! Super fun and easy, I love love love it. 


Betsy P.

Verified purchase

I ordered this product cause I absolutely love sushi and wanted to try it at home. I read the reviews and they were pretty much good so I figured why not try it out. My Sushi Master arrived quickly and I tried it out that night My first time doing sushi at home).  I just love it! it is so EASYYY to use a 5 year old could use it lol. I was very impressed how well my rolls came out and it was such an easy clean up afterwards. I would totally recommend this too all you sushi lovers wanting to do this at home! I am purchasing another one as a gift to my parents lol! 


Henry D.

Verified purchase

I was curious about this gadget, and to be honest, I was amazed on how perfect the sushis came out, I used less rice in order to get more fillings inside, it was just great. 


George D.

Verified purchase

You can toss your bamboo Matt and buy this great product it make perfect sushi rolls every time. Easy to use add anything you want we made Double Crunch deep fried Sushi Dragon rolls. 


Christine L.

Verified purchase

I love this little contraption. Its super easy to use and the sushi turned out awesome!!!  We did the Seaweed for some others we rolled in sesame seeds. One we even dipped in tempura batter and fried then put spicy shrimp sauce on it.  The key is to make your sushi rice correctly and let it cool. The cooler it gets the stickier it gets. I used medium grain white rice. Then in a bowl put Sugar, rice vinegar heated then tossed in rice. Google Sushi rice recipe. You will love this! 


Charlie T.

Verified purchase

The Sushi Master worked great. It was easy to use. Looking forward to making sushi at home again. 


Sydney R.

Verified purchase

Amazing product. Finally got it today and used it tonight and it works wonders!  Works just as advertised and the company I received it from was very pleasant and responsive about its arrival time. Thank you!


Ashley K.

Verified purchase

This thing is awesome and the!  We love it, it works so well and its so easy to use. Never have to worry about going out when we want sushi anymore. Highly recommend for anyone that loves sushi!