TDS Water Quality Test Pen

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"When we moved to Sarasota we were told not to drink water from the tap . In he beginning we bought all of our drinking water. My husband recently installed an R/O system and we bought the water tester to check the water. The difference between tap water and the R/O water was amazing  and we were able to verify this with the TDS Water Quality Test Pen. (Testing the refrigerator water, which is "filtered", resulted in a barely a marginally acceptable product, which is probably more of an endorsement of the R/O system)." - Macey K., New Jersey

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AUTO CALIBRATED: The most convenient PH meter on the market. Features in-built calibration with buffer powders. Makes it easy for you to measure the PH of your food, water, aquarium, pool or anything else in a snap.

SUPER EASY TO USE: Easy to use for both new and experienced users. No fumbling with complicated readings or buttons. Just turn it on, dip in the liquid and read the display.

FAST & ACCURATE: Arguably the fastest and most accurate portable PH meter ever. Fluid operation with a large digital display for easier reading. Real-time plug & play functioning.


  • Display Type: Digital
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 3g / 0.1oz
  • Item Size: 15x1.6x1.6cm/ 1.3x0.6x0.3inch
  • Waterproof: IPX6

1 x TDS Detection Pen

7 Reviews

Daniel C.

Verified purchase 

This is definitely something you should have in your house. If you have a pool, pond, hot tub, Aquarium etc- you can even test your drinking water! I always had to keep buying test strips because they would get damp or get contaminated with other garden things. Now do not have to worry about it! This digital water tester allows me to test the levels of my water in seconds, without have to compare to some color chart on a bottle of test strip. I would have recommended this product to my friends with water testing needs for gardening and fish tanks, etc. 


Ben C.

Verified purchase

I Just want to say that I have been using this for quite some time now and it's doing a decent job, i don't write reviews as soon as I receive the product because I want to give it some time to show any faults etc. It's very accurate and saves a lot of time than using the 'old school' ph drops. I would say this does the job and it's a much cheaper option than some $70 -$100 pens on the market. I've also dropped the item in water fully submerged by accident which you shouldn't do, and it still works!! 


Stephen H.

Verified purchase

This water meter comes well packaged and presented. As a Physics teacher I also have to teach Chemistry to junior years and have wanted one of these.  This is a great "no-frills" device that is simple to use and appears to be very accurate. I am delighted with it. I did not bother with the calibration as I will leave that to the lab technician. I did a simple house test and it performed well. It is a great example of an object doing one job only but doing it well at a very affordable price.


Peter P.

Verified purchase

Quick delivery, packed very well, and best of all works a treat. We had our water tested by a lab via the local council, the pen supplied proved to be more accurate than the lab test, as it gave us a decimal point reading, would highly recommend this pen if you have your own water supply... 


Ellen D.

Verified purchase

Brilliant product, good quality and great seller. Even my water treatment specialist said he needs to get one of those for himself.


Eric S.

Verified purchase

This is a very important tool - the quality of our water is deteriorating and the number of contaminants and pollutants is on the rise - this is essentially the only way to know if your drinking water is clean and safe to drink !!!! 


John J.

Verified purchase

Great item, I'm one of those people that I really have changed a lot water testers in my life. So if your really looking out there which one to buy and really don't know I suggest you buy this product as it's not expensive and you can get 2 instead of 1.