Self Training Tennis Tool

$39.90 $119.99

"This is an excellent training tennis tool set. It’s very easy to use and balances pretty good on the ground surface by simply adding some water or sand in the pot. Comes with a ball strongly attached to a rope. Now I no longer need to go to the gym or sports center, I can practice in our backyard, public park or any open area anytime. I've been enjoying this for a while, practicing almost every other day so yes, it's durable. Awesome product!" - Mark J., PA 

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  • It is lightweight and portable, can be set up anywhere and store easily
  • The ball is made of superior quality wool and chemical fiber material, comfortable to touch
  • It has a valve intended for adding sand or water to increase the weight and support stability
  • Has an anti-slip molding design to ensure that the baseboard remains stable while practicing
  • This tool will help you enhance your tennis playing skills, improve your concentration, athletic ability, and hand & eye coordination


  • Baseboard dimensions: 9.06 x 5.91 x 2.36 inch
  • Baseboard weight: 2.99 oz
  • Baseboard color: Blue
  • Ball diameter: 2.64 in
  • Ball weight: 2.57 oz
  • Rope length: 144 inch


  • 1x Self training tennis baseboard
  • 1x Self training tennis ball with a detacheable sting


10 Reviews

Heather S.

Verified purchase

Great for the whole family. We love playing tennis but not all of us have the time to practice together. This Self Training Tennis Tool allows us to practice on our own at a time convenient for us, plus it the ball doesn't get lost in the hedge anymore. Portable, so we could also take it anywhere. 

Jaqueline C.

Verified purchase

I love this product. Great for aerobic workout, it is truly brilliant. If you can keep it going, it will get you aerobically fit and help you lose weight. One of the toughest aerobic workouts I know. Murder, in fact. Very happy with as it helps me loose weight and at the same time improve my hand & eye coordination.


Tom L.

Verified purchase

My kids love this, especially my youngest. He wants to improve his tennis playing skills so he is the one who usually plays with this. The product is durable, capable of withstanding different kinds of weather. This deserves a FIVE STAR!


Regine W.

Verified purchase

Amazingly superb product. Fun and easy to use. I'm not very skilled at tennis and even I find this easy to use. I love that I can take it with me anywhere and practice anytime even if I have no one to play with. 


Hannah R.

Verified purchase

Me and my husband loves playing with this Self Training Tennis Tool. We're not experts but we like to play every now and then, helps us relax, have fun and workout. We've had this tool for 6 months and never had a problem. Every part is still intact and works perfectly.


George F.

Verified purchase

Love it! I can just play in the park or parking lot near my apartment, of course I need to make sure that the parking lot is not full packed(lol). I've already played with this several times and it's easy to use. My friends and little brother likes it too so I ordered one for my brother. I can't wait to see his reaction when I hand him my surprise!


Pauline D.

Verified purchase

Got this for my son. The product looks great and feels sturdy. I've read and heard a lot of positive comments about this so I decided that this will be the best tennis training tool for my son. I'm sure he's gonna be very happy. I'm happy with my purchase.


Kela R.

Verified purchase

I'm not an expert but this has improved my skills in playing tennis. After a few months of practicing with this I can now confidently play with my friends when they invite to play tennis with them. This is an nice find.


Joana E.

Verified purchase

Great price and effective, just fill it up with water and start your practice. Great for both kids and adults. In particular for our daughter that can now practice on her own - we had to shorten the elastic rope a little given we have limited space around the house. Comes with one ball and rope.


John S.

Verified purchase

I bought 2 sets of this Self Training Tennis Tool and I got 4 (Awesome!) because they had the  BOGO promo when I placed my order. I kept two sets for me and gave the other 1 to my nephew and the other to my brother. I love playing with this, it bouces back so I don't need to find someone to play with and I'll never lose the ball.