Tiny Toes Measurer

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"Love this! With two young daughters I can now measure their feet if I want to order online or if we are going a shopping trip to make sure they haven't had yet another growth spurt to the next sixe! Very handy to have at home and very easy to use." - Pamela H., CO

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  • Child foot measurer
  • Can measure feet starting from 6cm long
  • Adjustable range (up to approx. 20cm/7.87inch)
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for keeping track of child's growth
  • Ideal when buying footwear online

12 Reviews

Nancy W.

Verified purchase

I am very happy with this gauge. Like all parents I feel I am forever buying my children new shoes. My Son has to have well supported shoes so I need to make sure they fit correctly, Using this I can easily measure their feet myself and either order online or go to a closer shoe store. My children love doing it and we’ve made a little list so they can write their measurements and the shoe size once converted down, makes it a little more fun for them and they can then see how much their feet have grown since the last measurement. 


Angela M.

Verified purchase

I can't get into town regularly with my daughter so I ordered this to measure her feet, very accurate. Love it! 


Kevin P.

Verified purchase

Awesome product! Great for measuring my children's feet when I cant always take them to the shops to try on shoes. 


Debbie R.

Verified purchase

Useful product for those who have children that don’t like having their feet measured in the shop!


Greg N.

Verified purchase

Excellent product. Great as a cheaper way of measuring kids feet for school shoes etc especially when searching online.  


Linda O.

Verified purchase

Fantastic idea. I can keep an eye on the kids feet sizes at home. Once the shoes need changing I can either order online and go into the store. 


Wanda D.

Verified purchase

I brought this for my daughter, we are a bit struggle of buying her the right size of shoes online, got this and we can measure it at home and buy her shoes online.


Julie K.

Verified purchase

Excellent gadget to have at home. No more worrying if children are wearing correct size of shoe. Clear instructions and easy to use.


Mariann A. 

Verified purchase

Yes would recommend great product to have to check your childs / grandchildrens sizes before buying shoes as they don't always want to do it in the store.


Daisy B.

Verified purchase

The number of times I have wanted to buy shoes online for my children but have not known their current shoes size, or have guessed and got it wrong! It makes sizing children's shoes up very easy. What a great idea, i'm thrilled with it! I would happily recommend these to anyone.


Greta L.

Verified purchase

Just what is needed if you have a busy lifestyle and can't always make it to the shops. I just measure my own children's feet then order there shoes online.


Anita W.

Verified purchase

Will save lots of money and time without the hassle of having children with you.