Magnetic Tool Pad

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"I have four of these mats now. I mostly use them to hang tools up on my metal pegboards. But they are easy to pull down and slap anywhere to keep tools, bolts, nuts, springs, whatever, securely in one place throughout a job. Even if the surface is not metal, the cover on these has enough grip you can set it on a slope and it will keep your tools from rolling away. The magnets are perfect for the use. Highly recommended." - Samuel G., MS

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  • It is a magnetic pad that you can attach to anything metallic and it'll hold and cling onto your tools while you work in the garage, under a car hood, and more
  • Whether you're working on a long project, or a simple oil change, thinking about where you place your tools is an unnecessary strain with your work
  • Our Tool Pad is custom-made with extra-durable and flexible, scratch-resistant magnetic material, built to slam any tool on without a problem, yet delicate enough to take off easily
  • You can use the Magnetic Tool Pad on any kind of surface if you're just keeping your tools flat and want to prevent your tools from rolling away
  • You can also attach it to the side of a car, on a wall, pillar, or even on the under-side of a car hood to keep your tools stuck to it while keeping them in a perfect location for quick usage


  • Dimensions: 11.61 inch (295 mm) x 7.87 inch (200 mm)

10 Reviews

Thomas P.

Verified purchase

Wish I'd have purchased one of these years ago! Soft material sticks to metal panels without marring and has plenty of strength to hold your screws, wrenches, ratchets etc. Holds screws in place and it is large enough to stage them spaced out in order of disassembly/assembly. Can't recall how many times a fastener or tool rolled off from where I had it sitting, it was knocked off a table, or I kicked it on the floor where I had it laying, and this eliminated all that. A must have for anyone with loose screws!!!


Kevin M.

Verified purchase

As a field mechanic this mat works very well, I use it on the tailgate of my service truck it works great to hold small screws and parts , my next test for this mat is to add a couple of fender washers to the top of my 6ft ladder to hold wrenchs while working on equipment. I would recommend this pad.


Jeremy O.

Verified purchase

I use this for home projects like changing spark plugs, putting up slat wall for storage hooks, disassembling cabinet boxes with 40 screws each. Great to toss old screws 10 feet to this mat and they usually stick. Contours to my car fender, really like having a landing space and not leaving stuff in the engine compartment. Amazing thing!


Jack W.

Verified purchase

When working on small items all of my screws stay in one place along with my tools nothing will roll away very high-quality well-made very magnetic . I was impressed how strong the magnet is inside . The item is completely flexible and will mold two different surfaces and shapes. Great!


Richard B.

Verified purchase

So handy and versatile whether working on a car or any other project to hold and organize tools, nuts bolts, etc. Love it!


Edward O.

Verified purchase

This has to be the best thing every invented. Must have for any car guy. Place it anywhere and throw bolts or tools on it. Makes working in cramped spaces easier and not lose parts. Great!


Jeremy K.

Verified purchase

Very well made. At first glance of the packaging it arrived in, I was wondering if it would be too thin. It's actually just right. The magnets also hold very well. Nice backing material won't scratch the paint, which is very important to me. I like it!


Ted O.

Verified purchase

This is great to use when working on the car as it will stay in place and guard against scratches. I also like the fact that it doesn't have any additional hooks which means it could be used anywhere on the car. Great tool!


Mark N.

Verified purchase

Large enough to be useful, folds easily for storage and unfolds flat with minimal creasing. Magnets are strong enough and easy to wipe clean. Does the job perfectly!


Melissa R.

Verified purchase

So far Ive been quite happy with this item, I have a metal cabnet next to my garage door I can just toss it on and grab it off when ever I need it. Surprisingly useful for many projects if you like to see your components spread out but still have them kept in place.