Interactive Track Tower for Cats

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"Got this as a Christmas gift for my friend's cat. Don't know much about cats (I am a dog person) but the guy on Animal Planet says cats need physical interaction/activity. Lucy doesn't get any of that. So, due to all the great reviews and pictures from previous purchasers, Lucy now chases her balls round and round. Her owner is amazed that she plays with it multiple times daily. It is now a part of Lucy's night time routine. Thank you, everyone, for your help in making my gift selection and for adding excitement and pleasure to Lucy's life." - Cheryl N., NE

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  • This addictive, interactive cat toy is designed with 3 levels of tracks and 3 brightly colored moving balls to attract kitty’s attention
  • This toy is a great way for your cat to get mental and physical exercise without causing a mess around your home
  • Perfect for one or more cats, the interactive Tower of Tracks cat toy stimulates kitties’ senses and satisfies hunting instincts with an exciting moving puzzle
  • This track cat toy is made of ultra-strong, tear-resistant PP
  • Detachable multi-layer construction for easy cleanup
  • Non-slip base pad to prevent slippery


  • Dimensions: 6.2 inch (16 cm) x 9.8 inch (25 cm) x 5.5 inch (14 cm)

14 Reviews

Grace M.

Verified purchase

She LOVED this toy when I first showed it to her. She observed it, touched it, sniffed it. Then I rolled one of the balls and she was glued to it for an entire hour. She went absolutely crazy making those balls go around. She ran around and around it, trying to keep up with her getaway ball. After an hour, she played with it off and on for a day. Great!


David T.

Verified purchase

My kittens love this. I honestly was not expecting them to like it as much as they did. They started playing with it as soon as it came out of the box. There was no warm up period like there normally is with her new toys. I highly recommend this toy for cats. Their new favorite toy!


Lillian P.

Verified purchase

I play with my cat on a daily basis (mostly with feathery chaser toys) but I wanted to get her something for solo play as well (for those times that I can't run wildly around the house "being the bird" lol). Right out of the box she's in love! She is a velcro cat (with some separation anxiety issues), but when I pulled this out of the box she was glued to it for a good solid 30 minutes lol. We love this toy!


Nathan D.

Verified purchase

I've owned this for 2 months now, but, I wanted to write this review to say that this thing has been an amazing toy for my cat. He plays with it all the time, sometimes casually (he'll swat a ball or two while he's walking by), but, he often gets really passionate with this, and will be going after it with prejudice for hours. It's fun watching him play with it, and even though I have no actual idea how much time of his it's consumed, it's gotta be a ton. He's playing with it as I'm writing this right now!


Victoria O.

Verified purchase

Well, I love it because my cat loves it. After the first week or so of playing with it numerous times a day, she kind of lost interest for a few days but then went right back to it. That's been the pattern - play with it like crazy, lose interest, become interested again, play with it like crazy... She usually lies on her side and uses one paw to push the ball on one tier, the other paw on a ball on one of the other tiers, and she manages to get all three balls spinning at the same time. That keeps her interested! Amazing toy!


Sandy H.

Verified purchase

When I first got this, the cat I have semi-adopted took about a minute to figure it out. After that, he didn't stop playing with it for almost an hour straight. When is the last time a cat was interested in ANY one thing for that long? While the hour long play sessions are a thing of the past, he will still give it a few swats whenever he walks by. And it is a sound trigger. No matter where he is, if he hears the balls moving, like it if accidentally knock it with my foot as I walk by, he comes running. Fun! 


Lucy F.

Verified purchase

My cats were right there when i took this out of the box and immediately started to play with this. They will do some pretty amazing acrobats to get at these balls. Some positions i have never seen my Slick do before. Amazing!! They play for a pretty long time and keep coming back for more.


Claire A.

Verified purchase

We have a night hyper baby girl and so we needed a few toys she can play with on her own - barely had this out of the box before my fur baby was climbing all over me trying to get at it! Needless to say, she LOVES it! At one point, she was hugging it, trying to get two balls at once, with her nose pushed into the middle! Best toy!


Justine R.

Verified purchase

This has been far better than I imagined. My cat loves to play with this and I seriously enjoy watching her entertain herself. I knew she would play with it for a little while, but the first time I was shocked at how long she played with it. Also, she'll just randomly walk up to it and start playing with it. It's been a couple weeks and she still hasn't gotten bored with it. I just watched her walk over and start playing with it so that's what reminded me to write a review.


Colton M.

Verified purchase

This is really cute. I can see why cats love it! I'm still waiting for my cat to take to it, she's a little too old fashioned and likes to play with strings the most, but I bet she will be playing with this when we aren't looking, as cats do! The three tiers are great and the balls really do roll around perfectly without getting stuck. It also is nice because it's not super wide so it doesn't take up a ton of floor space. I know another kitty that will get this toy as a present soon.


Molly B.

Verified purchase

My boy Romeo adores all toys! He is a fat, lazy, extremely affectionate, neutered male but this interests him enough to engage...especially if I sit near by & keep batting the balls around. Hm, wonder who is more amused?!


Diana K.

Verified purchase

My cat loves this! She fell in love with it the moment she saw it! she played with it like crazy the first day and afterwards she kept playing with it like crazy until she falls asleep from exhaustion. This is perfect for a busy day when you don't have time to play a lot or just to keep your pet entertained for a long time. Personally I've left it on the floor as part of her toy collection because she loves it so much.


Violet T.

Verified purchase

My cat LOVES this toy!! She was apprehensive at first but as soon as I moved on of the balls and it started spinning around it, curiosity got the best of her and she started tapping the balls with her lil paws and now she plays with it every day!! Five stars for a good product!


Lucas T.

Verified purchase

Our cat really likes both the motion and the sound of the balls rolling around on the tracks. She seems to enjoy playing with the top ball the most - maybe bc it makes its way around to her the fastest, IDK. She liked it after I first put it down and still plays with it numerous time a day (it has been a week now). I would recommend placing the toy in an area that your cat already enjoys. Great!