Treat Dispensing Dog Ball

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"I am pretty darn impressed! Very easy to load up with treats, and VERY entertaining and engrossing for our dog, a boarder collie/black lab mix. This presents a puzzle she finds irresistable. Because she inhales her food, we've been using a puzzle dish, which works well slowing her down, but this takes the cake! It takes her much, MUCH longer to get her food out, and provides very necessary mental stimulation as well. She seems very content while she works to pull out every tiny bit. Ingenious! I am very happy with this product" - John S., NY

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  • Game of fetch? Check. Good for bouncing? Yes, that too. Chew it and stretch it? Sure, why not!
  • This is a really great choice if you're looking for hygiene and at the same time entertaining dog toy
  • Effectively helps to clean your dog's teeth
  • You can fill the Ball with tempting treats and turn the toy into a tasty puzzle
  • It will withstand your dog's powerful bite
  • Help keep your pet active and healthy as this toy promotes exercise and activity


  • Diameter: 2.75 inch (7 cm)

13 Reviews

Kimberly R.

Verified purchase

This is a wonderful toy to utilize at any time for your pup! Helpful in engaging their brain, putting treats, rubbing peanut butter (or other tastey treats), etc keepa your dog occupied until it's gone! My dogs love these balls and look forward to them being "full" so they can have a fun time! I've used them for their crate time as well, instead of bully sticks, which has calmed them down just as well as the bone. Highly recommended for anyone that wants to keep their dog occupied AND use a safe product that won't be eaten!


Rebecca O.

Verified purchase

All I can say is WOW!!! I was looking for a 'durable' ball for my new puppy. He's full of energy, but after playing with his favorite ball. He falls asleep for a good nap. He LOVES his ball and keeps me busy rolling it for him. He plays with it everyday and I have not seen any major damaged (and believe me he's tried LOL) Would I buy another one? YES in a heart beat, we have had hours of fun so far with just 1. Would I recommend this to another pet family? YES. Believe me this is a great gift to your pet. And I didn't even mention that you can put doggie kibble in the teeth for Puppy to get out


Becky P.

Verified purchase

I would definitely make this purchase again. Sure will be telling my dog lover friends about this "toy". He loves it. I think it's good to keep him stimulated and I give him positive reinforcement as he plays with it. Love this as much as he does. Oh, I think it probably feels good on his gums, as he chews around on it even when there is no kibble in there.


Angelina M.

Verified purchase

My dog is <1 yrs old, this keeps him busy for most of my work day. I put assorted treats in and give it to him before I leave for the day. It keeps him busy from chewing on things that he ought not be chewing. Sturdy, and easy to wash between chewings. Love this as much as he does!


Rachel T.

Verified purchase

I LOVE THIS Gadget. I put little strips of treats in between the spikes and down the center wedge a treat in there. My dogs work and work to get the treats out, while doing so the spikes made of rubber, rub againt their teeth and help clean them. My dogs just keep at it till all the treats are gone. This way they cant gobble up the treat as fast as it would be without it. I love it.


Timothy H.

Verified purchase

So far so good with this project. My dog absolutely loves picking out the treats with this ball... and I can’t believe it but she hasn’t tried to destroy it yet!!! Usually she is on a mission to tear apart the rubber, but with this product she just massages her gums with it. Great for her teeth!


Braxton A.

Verified purchase

I actually didn’t think my dog would play with these balls! lol But she is 100% food motivated and has a blast trying to pry the pieces of treats out. She will play with it for 30 minutes or more. I haven’t had any issues with it. I was surprised by the weight of the ball. They aren’t super lightweight, but I assume that’s to ensure it lasts. Very durable!


Jenna N.

Verified purchase

Great product! I simply put her dog food in the little slots and it keeps her busy for a long time. I rescued a dog and can't leave her out of the crate just yet, so I thought maybe this would occupy her. It worked really well. I watched her on the security camera and she was busy for quite awhile trying to get the pieces of food out. She's 55 lbs. I think it would work well for medium and large size dogs. I highly recommend!


Quinn B.

Verified purchase

Awesome solution! I have a dog that eats way too fast causing him to gulp air and then throw up. The vet asked me to get him a bowl with a maze in it so it would be harder to eat fast. I also needed a chew toy for him so I saw these balls. This has helped refocus his chewing and slow down his eating. Great product, I highly recommend it.


Paul C.

Verified purchase

I bought these for my dogs because they had stinky breath. These definitely helped clear it up. I also will sometimes put dry food in between the bristles of the balls. They go crazy for it, thinking they're treats. Great investment!


Amaya L.

Verified purchase

These are the best toys I've ever purchased. My dog can get a little destructive if he is left alone for too long so I needed to find something to distract him. I just put little bits of cheese or his treats in the teeth and he's done. He's still working on it even after I get back home. I wish I bought these a long time ago!


Briana K.

Verified purchase

Love the way my dog can grasp the ball with his teeth. He loves it whether there’s a treat in or not. He just keeps bringing it back waiting for me to throw it again and again. It’s his new favorite toy. Great toy!


Tyson A.

Verified purchase

My dog loves these balls. He isn't motivated enough to play fetch, and I was having a hard time figuring out how to get him exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. He'll run after the ball, but won't bring it back. I live in an apartment, so he needs daily exercise. I tried a rope around the ball and put a small treat in it. I'll throw the ball and he chases it because he knows there's a treat. I use the rope to pull it back to me. He'll do this as long as I will. It's a great way to exercise your dog and clean his teeth. I like that it's interactive. He has to think about it.