Foldable Trolley Bag

$39.90 $179.99

"This is a great design. I'm glad I saw this online. It caught my attention because of it's collapsible design. I also like that it has wheels. Ever since I got this I always take it with me when I go on grocery shopping or whenever I need to carry a lot of things. Very handy and useful! I think every household should have at least one of these." - Alexis N., AR

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  • Large storage capacity
  • Foldable, lightweight and easy storage
  • Can be carried as a shoulder bag or dragged like a trolley
  • Unique design which allows the cart to slide up and down the steps with ease when climbing ramps and stairs
  • Wheels are good on terrains such as mud, grass, stairs, stones, concrete, and gravel
  • Fashionable, solid color


  • Unfolded dimensions: 23.62 x 12.60 x 6.30 inch
  • Folded dimensions: 11.02 x 7.08 x 1.57 inch
  • Shoulder strap height: 9.84 inch
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Oxford Fabric


  • 1x Foldable Trolley Bag

8 Reviews

Danielle G.

Verified purchase

This is a perfect aid for carrying goods. Closes into a nice compact bag. Brought for my mum, bright colour so easy to spot especially in the winter dark days. No more grocery bag carrying! I'm getting a few more for me and my siblings. 


Victoria L.

Verified purchase

I used this on a recent trip to Disney World with the grandchildren and it was so handy to start with a really nice tote to carry my umbrella, water bottles, maps and personal items.....then expand it and put the wheels down as it got heavy with snacks & souvenirs etc.
Love it!


Alicia W.

Verified purchase

Brilliant! Quite sturdy and adequate for my weekly shop. I've had it admired by other shoppers when I have been opening it out. I was so pleased that I bought my friend one for Christmas and she is delighted too as they are so compact before use.


Veronica H.

Verified purchase

This is really useful to have when you're out shopping. No more hassle with all those bags! It's sturdy and can definitely carry a lot of items. I will not start a shopping spree with out it. 


Nancy C.

Verified purchase

Fantastic product, it's a great help to me when I go shopping as I can't carry heavy bags due to back problems. Fill this with my shopping let the wheels down & off I go, no problems at all. The thing is they are so light and really fashionable just about everyone seems to have them.


Brenda M.

Verified purchase

This shopping bag is a good value and very handy as it folds up. I'm amazed at the amount of items it can hold knowing that it folds to a small pouch. I'm going to take this on our next family picnic!


Samantha A.

Verified purchase

I now have four of these. They are so handy. I leave mine in the boot of my car and anything heavy goes right into the bag. They aren’t very big but that’s part of the appeal. Really useful to have.


Sophia D.

Verified purchase

I this bought for my 94 year old nana who is adamant she won't use one as they are for old buddies (haha) but she gets frustrated when she sees a deal in a shop and can't carry it to the bus. This was perfect for her, she pops it in her handbag and uses it when necessary. She recently told me that on her first time using it 4 people on the bus asked her about it!