Ultralight Travel Sleeping Sheet

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"Love this!! I use it as a travel sheet. Initially used it for my trip to Morocco but now I use it on all my business trips. I'm a bit of a germophobe so it gives me a peace of mind because I've been in some questionable hotels. I've washed it many times and it holds up extremely well and dries fast. This is a must have for those who travel a lot and loves to go on hunting, camping and other outdoor activities" - Brandon J., CA

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  • A good night’s sleep is important for everyone. Unfortunately the sleeping conditions at many travel destinations are less than conducive to a good night’s sleep. Unclean, uncomfortable or otherwise questionable bedding can not only keep you awake, but can also be unhealthy and irritating to the skin and senses (especially for allergy sufferers)
  • The Travel Sleeping Sheet is the next best thing to sleeping on your own sheets at home. Not only does it provide a safe layer of protection between you and questionable bedding, the premium quality fabric with its super soft luxurious feeling next to the skin also offers the most comfort available in bedding choices
  • Multifunctional design can be used as a hotel bedsheet, blanket, quilts, sleeping bag, and sleeping bag liner
  • Polyester pongee material that is anti-pilling, anti-mite, anti-static, breathable making it very comfortable to use
  • Integrated with a pillowcase to keep your body totally isolated from hotel beddings
  • Lightweight and portable, foldable into a small storage bag
  • Suitable for traveling, business trips, campings etc.
  • Has smooth zipper and ripstop close stitching
  • Easy to clean, practical, and convenient


  • Unfolded dimensions: 6.89 x 2.3 ft / 70 x 210 cm
  • Small storage bag dimensions: 4.7 x 7.9 inch / 12 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 7.1 oz


18 Reviews

Beverly L.

Verified purchase

Great little item for backpacking, came in very handy when staying in a hostel with questionable sheets. Light material wasn't too hot. I like the area at the head of the pack that could wrap around and cover the pillow. Successfully slept comfortbaly without touching other bedding. This is great value was really glad that I bought this item and will be sure to pack it again on my next trip.


Karen O.

Verified purchase

I really love this sleeping sheet. I used it while travelling in a place where I didn't feel confident about bed bugs and salubrity. I felt much safer sleeping in this little comforting cocoon. The fabric is also soft. It was comfortable to me, I am 5'2" and 125lbs. It also packs quite small so I didn't feel encumbered by it while travelling. Easy to wash as well.


Robert L.

Verified purchase

Nice and soft. Used it as a liner for a rental sleeping bag. Great space & weight saver for traveling, especially if you're only camping a couple of days on a 2 week trip.

The size is just right with a pillowcase pocket at the top, so at 5'9" height I had enough length without kicking the pillow from under my head.


Nakia E.

Verified purchase

It is soft and good quality. Great for a night staying at motel or a resort, if you do not feel comfortable with the bedsheets, then bring this along. Good size, small and easy to bring along.


Tricia M.

Verified purchase

This is exactly what I was looking for. Can't believe it exists. My son LOVES sleeping in sleeping bags but all the products are too sweaty. This is a very thin, breathable sleeping bag for indoor and outdoor use. He absolutely loves it and feels secure with it. The zipper is very heavy duty so it zips up and down easily which is good because it is easy to unzip to exit the bag.


George S.

Verified purchase

I used it on a camping trip; it fits perfectly into my sleeping bag and keep myself feel clean. It is machine washable and very convenient.


Carmen R.

Verified purchase

The quality is decent,  good for travelling. The package is quite small can fit in anywhere but the unfolded size perfectly covers the whole body including the head. Very useful and easy to clean.


Philip A.

Verified purchase

I used this everyday on the Camino de Santiago. It was very good for staying in hostels. I am a bit big to get in it, so I used it as a sheet under my sleeping bag, and used the pillow holder to cover my head. It kept my head warm in the cold unheated Albergues


Brian C.

Verified purchase

These absolutely are a necessity when you know you're going to be staying in less than stellar accommodations. Very easy to roll up & fit back in the bag too!


Melody F.

Verified purchase

Pretty good, decent quality, super light and folds down to a very small size to it's easy to carry.
I like that it has a zipper and a pocket for a pillow. A very useful small item


Elizabeth O.

Verified purchase

I bought two of these for my travels. It's great when you sleep in hostels or other places in which you aren't sure of the cleanliness. I'm also using them during camping trips in my sleeping bags.

- The liners are soft and comfy
- Help cooling yourself when it's warmer, and keeping you warm when it's colder
- The zipper is a great addition to the liner, as opposed to the one that are closed/velcro

- None 


David G.

Verified purchase

Very light, comfortable. The pillow cover was a LIFE SAVER on my backpacking trip in South America. Used it almost everyday for a month. Didn’t need to wash it. Folds up nicely back to (almost) original size. Already recommended to a friend who is currently using it on a trip to Thailand.


Arnold A.

Verified purchase

Was happily surprised with this product. It is light and comes in a small condensed package which made it perfect for backpacking. I used it to travel through India in hostels. It was light and rather breathable. When it needed to be cleaned it would dry within a few hours. The pillow cover is really nice; even if you don't have a pillow, showing a sweater or jacket in there as a headrest, just to keep your clothing clean.


Vincent P.

Verified purchase

Got these for camping. They are soft and easy to clean so it met all my expectations. Can't wait to use it for camping season. I'm very happy with my purchase and I recommend this product.


Joe E.

Verified purchase

Love the size (folded and unfolded), it really is so little, and I like the way the material feels. The zipper is a great upgrade and the pillow case cover is a brilliant idea.


Terence S.

Verified purchase

Good quality and comes exactly as described. I've tested it out in a few hotel beds but bought it for the purpose of using it in hostels around Europe.


Michael W.

Verified purchase

Fabric is comfortable, my wife and kid loved it during our stay at small inns and Airbnb. We all have one. 


Kimberly H.

Verified purchase

Lightweight and takes up little to no room in my baggage. Very useful for travelling and other outdoor activities. Super love it!