Premium Pocket Umbrella

$39.90 $119.99

"In our house we definitely have an umbrella problem as we are constantly re-buying them as we lose them in a car or closet. I purchased this one for vacation because of the size. What was different about this umbrella is it easily fits in my purse. I was so surprised with the strength of the umbrella when opened, but also how easy it was to get back into the travel pouch. One other callout for this little umbrella is how well it protected both me and my son in the rain. I was amazed how large the coverage was for such a little umbrella. If you're looking for something to keep in a small bag that delivers great rain protection, this is your umbrella!" - Kelly J., LA

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  • Five-fold construction 
  • Easy to open and close
  • Fits conveniently in a backpack, purse, or suitcase
  • Folding construction make it ultra compact & lightweight
  • Rubberized handle for a lasting sense of comfortable grip
  • High quality steel umbrella frame that stands against a strong wind

12 Reviews

Sebastian M.

Verified purchase

The name speaks for itself. Fits in my pocket just like my phone, very handy. Despite it being small this umbrella is well made. I've had it for two years and it has withstand strong winds and storms. I've always been amazed at how this perfomed but never got to leave a review until today when ordered a 3 more to give to my siblings. 


Harry N.

Verified purchase

I've always been very picky with my umbrellas. This one caught my attention because it's small, lightweight and had good reviews. The first time I saw this I can tell that it's made of high quality material. It has proven it's quality over the years. If ever I need another one, I'll only get this Pocket umbrella and of course I will only order it from this seller(they have great customer service).


Aileen H.

Verified purchase

These are amazingly small and light! Me and my sister always carry a lot of books so we try to pick small umbrellas to ensure that they will fit in our bags. We are both happy with the size and weight of this pocket umbrella because it's not a burden to carry it every single day. We are positive that this will last a long time because they look sturdy. The Best Small Umbrella!


Audrey T.

Verified purchase

I placed it on the floor to dry after using it earlier today. It's been raining hard for the past days and the wind is also strong. This has served me well. It did not break. I will be ordering soon because I want my children to have this kind of umbrella - easy to store because it's small and light yet strong. 


Alex N.

Verified purchase

This light and small umbrella works great! I've only had it for a couple of weeks but I am sure that it will last a long time. I always bring it with me because I want to be prepared when it rains or when the sun high up. The frames are strong and flexible ( I tested it ) I'm sure it will not break even when the wind is strong. This is a must have!


Bernie P.

Verified purchase

It is as described! The umbrella is very small when folded but wide enough when unfolded. It's super light that you don't feel it when you carry it. It's great that I can fit it in my pocket so I won't need to carry a bag everytime I go out. 


Ray E.

Verified purchase

I love this umbrella. It's small and I can easily fit it inside my bag, pants pocket or jacket pocket. It's also very light so it's not a hassle to carry it. Now I'm always ready when it rains. 


Stacey C.

Verified purchase

I used to hate carrying umbrella because it makes my bag bulky and heavy but I need to be prepared especially during rainy days. Now that I have this pocket umbrella carrying an umbrella everyday is not a hassle. The quality is great too!


Anthony L.

Verified purchase

Wanted a small little umbrella my 4 year old could hold. This fits the bill. She loves having her own umbrella that she can hold without constantly dropping from being too heavy! 


David Z.

Verified purchase

These are cute little umbrellas. The metal structure is sturdy as advertised. I keep one in my backpack which I carry almost every single day. Very useful and strong. My brother uses the other one. He used to hate carrying umbrellas but when I got him one of these I noticed he would take it with him whenever he goes out.


Elizabeth I.

Verified purchase

This is the smallest strong umbrella I've ever had. You will ignore its weight when you put it in you backpack. All aspects are awesome. This umbrella deserves a 5 star.


Lucy A.

Verified purchase

This is cute and well made. It is amazing that the weight is lighter than my phone. I think it is the most convenient umbrella for daily carry around and travel. Just what I expect.