Stick-On Phone Wallet

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"Awesome product! Sticks firmly on my phone case and securely holds my cards. I hate bulky stuff in my pockets so finally I can get rid of my wallet and still carry the most important things (IDs, starbucks card, credit cards, a little cash) that I need most of the time." - Karen W., CA

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  • Less than half the size of your bulky wallet
  • Flexible material can stretch to hold up to 10 cards
  • No matter how many cards or cash you put in, our versatile elastic material will maintain it’s shape and security to hold whatever you need
  • These are great to stick to a phone, laptop, glove compartment, iPad, tablets and any other flat surface you might want to store stuff
  • Easily carry cash, cards or small objects (keys, headphones, etc.) without extra bulk

12 Reviews

Sherri C.

Verified purchase

With thes stick-on phone wallet, I can leave my house withouth needing to carry a pouch or bag. I usually just need my ID, a credit card and little cash so this is just perfect for me. When I jog in the morning or just want to have fun with my friends, or in a rush all I need to pick up is my phone and I'm sure that all I need to survive the day is already with me.


Alicia W.

Verified purchase

This is awesome. I finally found the safest way to carry my cards and 2 IDs without carrying a wallet or bag. It firmly holds the IDs and cards that I inserted in it, seriously. I have dropped my phone several times and each time my valuables stayed intact. Never again will I accidentally leave my IDs or cards.


Gary B.

Verified purchase

I love this thing. I use it on the back of my Macbook to hold a 3" Lightning cable to charge my iPhone when I'm traveling and also my Apple ethernet adapter or my extra set of wired headphones. This is a great design, keeps everything in place and secure. Great product!


Scott M.

Verified purchase

I'm impressed that it's so easy to get my credit card and IDs in and out of this holder, but at the same time, nothing ever falls out by accident. It's very slim but amazing holds a lot of stuff.  It's so satisfying to finally be able to leave the house without the need for my bulky wallet or pouch. 


Eric J.

Verified purchase

I used to carry a wallet, but hated the bulk. Then I tried a money clip, but that was still 1 more thing I had to carry around. This stick on phone wallet comfortably fits two standard sized IDs, credit cards and a few bills. It can even hold my keys and earphones. Great stuff!


Oliver P.

Verified purchase

Sticks well and the cards don't fall out, thanks to the strong grip and non-slip material. I have it attached to a cell phone case. It stretches so it's easy to fit in a few cards and ids but returns to its original size when I remove my stuff. Never had a problem with it and I've been using the first one that I bought for 6 months. I gave the new ones that I ordered to my wife and kids.


Bonnie N.

Verified purchase

The perfect gift for my dad. He is a minimalist and always rushing so this works well for him. I also got one for myself and I love it. I will never accidentally leave the house without my ID and credit cards ever again.


Allen M.

Verified purchase

I saw one on my nieces phone that she bought so I purchased a few for me and my children. I keep three cards in mine but I know it can hold more because I sometimes insert cash and my earphones too. I really love it. The adhesive is sturdy. I use it for my debit card and liscense so it's in and out many times a day. I've had it about 3 months or so and have gone from misplacing my cards constantly to not once since I started using the pocket. Kinda a big deal for me. The other two I gave to my children who have no issues. I just orderd two more for my mom and dad.


Jayson H.

Verified purchase

I love these things they are so helpful, I can fit money neatly folded up in there, up to 6 cards/IDs w/o the money and I have attached them to my case without worry of the wallet coming off! it's great for those people (like myself) who usually forget their wallet but not their phone! When you go out to clubs of events and don't want to carry your wallet this is perfect! The product is high quality and I've had the same one attached to my phone case for 4 months now. 


Charlene F.

Verified purchase

These little stick-on phone wallets are seriously amazing. So convenient, I barely carry my wallet anymore. The adhesive sticks really well to my case. I have placed 6 cards in it and could probably fit 1 or 2 more but I mostly only needed to bring 2 IDs and 2 cards. Haven't found a need to replace the one I am using. I like these better than the cases with card slots inside. I don't have to open anything to get my card out. They are snug inside the sleeve but never hard to slide them out. Definitely recommend!


Marsha G.

Verified purchase

Just by sticking this little phone wallet on the back of my phone, I can now go without taking a purse. I keep my driver's license, debit card, and an "emergency" $20 bill in this pocket, then drop the phone into my pocket, and go! It's pretty surprising how much more free this makes me feel. As to quality: the adhesive on this phone wallet is strong. I used my old one for almost 3 years, and it held up as if it was new. I ordered two more for my new phone and my husband's.


Ken D.

Verified purchase

I hate carrying my wallet with me and I rarely use cash these days.  Since I rarely go anywhere without my cell phone this makes it very easy/convenient. I can carry my drivers' license and a credit card with me without carrying anything else but my phone.