Interactive Weasel Ball

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"This little weasel ball has provided so many hours of fun for my cats and for my family because we just love to watch them get excited and chase after it. Our kitten enjoys chasing this around the room while our older male cat likes to lay down and watch it. When the toy is turned off and put away in our little kitty toy basket, Griff likes to go over and pick it up and carry it all around the house with him. A must for all pet owners." - Grant V., OH

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  • The interactive Weasel ball is the cat/dog toy that your pet will fall in love with
  • The random movement of the ball stimulates your pets nose and mind and can help aid their growth and defelopement
  • It provides an exciting activity for your pet - no matter their age, size, or preferences when it comes to a toy - making sure they won't ever be bored again
  • The Interactive Weasel Ball is entirely made out of strong and durable material making it suitable for dogs/cats of all sizes
  • Boredom and anxiousness lead to unwanted destructive behaviour, the Weasel Ball keep them occuppied and calms them

11 Reviews

Rachel M.

Verified purchase

We use this for our cats and it’s hilarious when we have it running. They pounce at it, arch their backs at it, grab the tail and drag it around. Good interactive toy for them. Would definitely recommend for a cat!


Michelle P.

Verified purchase

My weasel likes this toy! She'll attack anything that moves, or doesn't move. I have the marks on my hands, arms, and ankles to prove that. This as her favorite, go-to toy. The wrestling gets pretty intense, and she'll attack it even if it's off. Funny to watch her pick it up by the tail and carry it across the room. The round ball is still wiggling while she carries it, so I guess it simulates some "prey" that's fighting to get away. Great product!


Greyson O.

Verified purchase

This toy has been so much fun for both my adult dogs and my puppies! It has kept them (and us) entertained and has proven to be pretty resilient with the dogs grabbing it, tugging on it, and tossing it around. We've enjoyed watching it roll around and maneuver itself out of tight spaces while the dogs all chase it and push it around. The puppies (6 weeks) especially go crazy over it! Fun toy!


Eddie T.

Verified purchase

Fantastic Toy! This toy brought a lot of excitement in the house! We use this for our cats and it’s hilarious when we have it running. They pounce at it, arch their backs at it, grab the tail and drag it around. Good interactive toy for them. Would definitely recommend for a cat!


Melody A.

Verified purchase

I just love this little Weasel. I have two, one for my dog and one for my Daughter's cats. My dog loves to watch the Weasel and try to catch it while I laugh my head off. The way it moves around it almost looks real. He covers a lot of territory. It's nice to have a little fun once in awhile and this is so cute. Love it!


Emmett B.

Verified purchase

Sally was after the weazel tail before we got the battery in. She loved the furry stuff. Once we turned it on, she watch a few seconds and pounced. She loves it. She forgets it for a while then jumps on it on the other side if the room. Whether she's chasing or not she loves to shake the tail. A must have toy!


Jeffrey H.

Verified purchase

This toy provides excelent entertainment for my cat. I press a button, and it flips and rolls around in circles. My cat chases it as if he is hunting. The batteries are replaceable and the toy runs until you shut it off. Best cat toy!


Erin T.

Verified purchase

For the first several days my dog was confused by this thing! But now she LOVES it! She thinks she's really catching a wild animal and feels like a badass. She can't put it down. I would highly recommend it!


Susan R.

Verified purchase

My dog love this! As she is an apartment dweller , it gives her total fun to stare and size this thing up! I love it also not just because she does, but unlike some other toys,this will not get stuck in a corner or near the wall and such. So you have to keep getting it out of a place it has rolled into when they are done playin. It rolls its way out on its own! Good toy for alot of animals to enjoy!


Sarah C.

Verified purchase

Great entertainment for my older puppy. We need to keep her moving so she isn't a little terror to our 17 yr old dog. It's a very simple toy with simple rules. Unscrew the ball, put in a AA battery, switch to "on", close the ball, and go. At first puppy was a bit intimidated (this is a good thing; bored = chaos) and just stalked it a while. Now she's graduated to following it, and cautiously grabbing it to nom and kick. So worthwhile!!! Right now she's lying on her back with her feet in the air because the weazel ball tired her out. Yay!


Christina J.

Verified purchase

This toy is the best ! Stanley our Havapoo started playing with this toy at 4 months old , highly entertaining for him . Now at 6 moths he ate the weasel off and now its just the ball that rolls around , its like another new toy that he has a blast playing with . I will be buying this again as well as giving as Christmas presents . Highly recommended .