Magic Wipe

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"The product name speaks for itself. I've been looking for a solution that I can use on my leather couch which was given to me by my father. I don't want to use any product that will damage it so I'm glad that I found this. I was surprised at how this made my leather couch look brand new. I also applied this in my car interior. Five Star!"  - David W., NC

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  • Instantly restores color and shine from weather exposure, oxidation, and fading
  • Quickly removes dirt, fingerprints, dust and other residues
  • Works on plastic, metal, rubber, and more
  • Safe and eco-friendly, no unpleasant fumes
  • Easy and convenient to use


  • Dimensions: 3.54 x 0.79 inch
  • Content: 50 ml
  • Weight: 2.47 oz

14 Reviews

Maria K.

Verified purchase

Magic it is! This solution is my new best friend, at least for my car. I've been using this for four months and it has never failed to make me happy. My mom and dad has complimented me for keeping my car looking great. They thought I was spending a lot of money for my car interior maintenance hahaha but of course I showed them this magic wipe and they started using it last month. 


Tom P.

Verified purchase

The resin/plastic patio furniture in our yard has to be at least 10 years old. I don't think it was ever thoroughly cleaned and is sure showing its age. Scrubbed the heck out of one chair and applied Magic Wipe. I was so astounded...impressed! 


Robert W.

Verified purchase

I can tell that it works great! So far I have already used it on metal, wood, rubber, and leather. I don't think I'll ever find another product that works on diffrent surfaces as good as this. 


Jessica N.

Verified purchase

Brilliant stuff! Super easy to use and leaves a glossy finish on different items. I used this to clean some vintage kitchen utensils that was passed on to me by my grandparents. This solution does not ruin the quality it just makes it better!


Carol Y.

Verified purchase

I used this on my hardwood floor and it worked perfectly! Restored the look and made it waterproof. I used it on my leather bag too! Love it!


Linda H.

Verified purchase

It was AMAZING! I used it on my car, entire container did it. It's an 18 year car, and the paint was off in some places, had oxidized, yet this made it almost imperceptible to find the difference. My neighbors were amazed, my partner thought I'd repainted my car and had the interior done. I recommend this in an instant!


Philip A.

Verified purchase

Superb! Did a great job on my car. Weeks has passed but my car still looks like it was just cleaned. I'm a very happy customer.


Shawn F.

Verified purchase

This is one of the few products that actually lived up to my expectations. Our twenty-five year old paddle boat looks new because of this. You just wipe this stuff on and it leaves a clean glossy finish. It's so easy, it's actually fun to see such a dramatic improvement with so little work.


Gerald K.

Verified purchase

The best multi-purpose spray! I have applied this on different items (leather bag, bike, helmet, 30 year old wood furnitures) and I can tell that it really works. I bought a few more bottles because my mom wanted this too.


Patricia Y.

Verified purchase

A little thing that goes a long way. I finally found a product that cleans and restores without damaging leather and wood in the long run. I'll continue using this on my furniures and car.


Catherine J.

Verified purchase

Thank you for selling this! My husband was very happy with the result when he used this on his car. He even asked me to order again because he said it also works great on other stuff. We're a loyal customer.


Norman G.

Verified purchase

The best product out there! My house shutters look brand new and they've been through rain storms, lots of sun, and heat for the past 3 weeks! My neighbors have been complimenting me on them. Thanks!


Russel D.

Verified purchase

This has protected my motorcycle leather clothing, gloves, boots and casual shoes for over 2 Years now and my beloved dainese 2 piece leathers are still perfectly serviceable in spite of being over 25 years old. Amazing product!


Beth P.

Verified purchase

I'm a huge fan! I am really amazed at how great this product works on different surfaces, including my leather bags and shoes, car interior, even cabinet doors!