Universal Microscope Phone and Tablet Lens

$19.90 $89.99

"I love simple things that work. This is a nifty little product drastically enhances the quality of close up shots on your phone. I was very surprised to see how much clearer the picture quality was above my already well equipped phone camera. It's a neat little trinket to have with you on vacations, birthday parties, sporting events etc. where your phone is the most convenient way to snap a quick shot." - Hailey T., NY

Get a great discount on our Universal Microscope Phone and Tablet Lens while the NEW YEAR SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $89.99.


  • A powerful lens that magnifies objects up to 30x for a clearer, detailed and crisp images 
  • Ideal for checking pieces of jewelry, coins, stamps, letters/prescription with small print, antiques etc.
  • Built-in LED light with an on/off switch for a better lighting condition
  • Clip style which quickly and easily attaches to phone and tablet camera
  • Portable and convenient design


  • Dimensions: 2.68 x 1.81 x 1.30 inch
  • Weight: 1.59 oz
  • Battery: 3x button batteries

12 Reviews

Jasmine O. 

Verified purchase

I am so amazed at how perfect these lenses are. Crystal freakin clear. I mean, extremely detailed. It's super fun and easy to use. My brother could not believe I took this photo with my phone. I had to show him this Universal Microscope Phone and Tablet Lens before I could convince him. Great product!


Hannah S.

Verified purchase

I was already a fan of the apple image quality for pictures, but after getting this phone lens,  I am even more thrilled. It is very easy to attach to the phone camera. When taking a picture, it was very easy to use the zoom feature, and I was still able to have the face recognition feature. I am definitely not a professional photographer, but even my pictures came out beautiful. With all the photo sharing done via social media, this camera is definitely a must have!


Jacob W.

Verified purchase

Super cool! Now I can't stop taking a picture of small creatures and objects! It's addicting, lol! I'm just amazed at how clear the images look with these phone lenses. It works better than some expensive phone lenses that my friends own. 


Stephanie L.

Verified purchase

Ridiculously cool for the price! The lense is just amazing! I love the built-in light too. Easy to use as well. If you like taking photos of small objects (like me) and need something to magnify, this is the product to beat. I am a very happy customer!


Kenneth Y.

Verified purchase

This lens is amazing! I purchased it as a gift for my wife and she's been having so much fun with it. She's recently gotten super interested in nature photography with her iPhone 7 but was getting increasingly frustrated by the limitations of the standard lens. She's taken some beautiful shots with this lense and this has become her favorite phone accessory. I'll be placing a new order for my kids and me soon!


Bruce B.

Verified purchase

Absolutely love this little lens. The picture quality is great. I can now take a better and detailed picture of small objects. I even use this to magnify prints that are too small for the naked eye. I highly recommend this! 


Amber M.

Verified purchase

Great product. I've been using this to take photos of my father's wood carvings so we can post them online and to check old coins, jewelries and other vintage items that he collects. Very useful.


Olivia D. 

Verified purchase

I work in a pawnshop so this lense really comes handy. I mainly use this for taking  photos of jewelries which is great because this makes the photos super better but I also use this to check seriel numbers and other markings that needs to be checked to authenticate old coins, paintings, bills, etc.  


Andrew L.

Verified purchase

Very pleasantly surprised. Do exactly as described. I have two phones and I'm just glad that I only need this one lense since this works on both phones. It's easy to attach and remove, does not scratch my phone and most importantly produces great photos. 


Yvonne P.

Verified purchase

If you want a phone lense that will help you magnify small objects, this is the best there is. For a small price you will have quality photos. I was surprised when I saw the images my son took when she borrowed this. Brilliantly made. 


Anne P.

Verified purchase

The lens is great for taking close up pics. First touch and I can tell that it is a quality product. The built-in LED light is very handy when taking photos at night or in situations where the lighting is low. I also use it for night reading. 


Josephine K.

Verified purchase

I bought this lens for taking images of small things, and it really gives good image of micro things from a mobile camera. Also, it has a inbuilt led light which gives better lighting, image and focus. I so glad I got this.